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Graduate TA Handbook and Resources

A Handbook for Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows in Arts & Sciences

William & Mary Resources for Graduate TAs and TFs

William & Mary has many excellent resources to support graduate students who are teaching, whether as teaching assistants or as teaching fellows (instructors of record). We've gathered some of the most commonly needed ones here for you. The Office of Graduate Studies and Research and Graduate Student Association are also excellent repositories of information, contacts, and additional resources.

  • A&S Graduate Student Handbook
    What is the William & Mary Code of Ethics?  Am I allowed to go on a date with a student?  What do I do if a discover a student has cheated or plagiarized? Am I allowed to talk to a student's parent about grades and attendance? Who can I discuss a student's grade with?
  • Academic Regulations
    What happens if a student disputes a grade? What attendance rules are in place? You may also find the Faculty Manual (Arts & Sciences) helpful to browse.
  • I'm concerned about a student
    Has a student been absent frequently, exhibited worrisome behavior, or disclosed an incident of sexual harassment or assault?  Have I witnessed or experienced discrimination, harassment, or hazing?  Has a student committed an honor code or conduct violation?
  • Getting around campus
    Where do I park? Is there childcare available while I teach? How can I print handouts or make copies? What accessibility accommodations are available to me as a teacher?
  • Keeping up with the calendar
    When is the add/drop period? When is fall/spring break? When are grades due?
  • Blackboard issues
    How do I email students via Blackboard? How do I create a discussion board? How do I view submitted assignments? Is Blackboard down for maintenance?
  • Library services
    Can a librarian come to my class to demonstrate Swem's resources? How can I use Special Collections in my class? Can I get video clips to use in my class? How do I incorporate multimedia into an assignment?
  • Professional development
    Are there teaching workshops available to me? Is there a course I can take to enhance my teaching skills?