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Graduate TA Handbook and Resources

A Handbook for Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows in Arts & Sciences

First Day Checklist

You can make your first day less stressful by creating a checklist. Here’s a sample from Honolulu Community College:

  • Am I energized to be enthusiastic about this class?
  • Is the classroom arranged properly for the day’s activities?
  • Is my name, course title, and number on the chalkboard?
  • Do I have an ice-breaker planned?
  • Do I have a way to start learning names?
  • Do I have a way to gather information on student backgrounds, interests, expectations for the course, questions, concerns?
  • Is the syllabus complete and clear?
  • Have I outlined how students will be evaluated?
  • Do I have announcements of needed information ready?
  • Do I have a way of gathering student feedback?
  • When the class is over; will students want to come back? Will you want to come back?