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Early American History Resources in the Special Collections Research Center

The Special Collections Research Center has extensive holdings of manuscripts and rare books dealing with early American history. This guide describes the bulk of those holdings, although it is not a comprehensive list.

Collections in the SCRC

Consult the Special Collections Research Center Access Tools to see further descriptions of many of these collections.


Mss. 65 Au5 Daniel Philippe Aunspaugh Papers, 1800-1881

An extensive collection of business correspondence, financial papers, daybooks, legal papers, and account books, chiefly 1800-1850, of Col. Daniel Philippe , documenting his work as tanner and justice of the peace at Bedford County, Va. The collection also includes accounts, 1832-1857, of James .

Mss. MsV James Bailey Journal, 1801-1810

Journal, 1801-1810, of James Bailey, leather goods dealer, Lexington, [Va.]

Mss. MsV Ab2 J. Baker Account Book, 1820-1821

Account book, 1820-1821, of J. Baker, a lawyer who practiced in Berkeley County, W. Va., Morgan County, W. Va., and Jefferson County, W. Va.

Mss 65 W89 William A Baker Account Book, in Worthington Papers, 1812-1814

Mss. MsV Ami G5 Bedinger & Forman Journal and Ledger, 1817-1850

Journal and ledger, 1817-1820, of & Forman, millers, Berkeley County, Va. [W. Va.] which contains grist mill accounts, 1817-1820, and includes a copy of the constitution, 1850, of the Debating Society and minutes of the meetings.

Mss. MsV Oversize Henry Bedinger Invoice book, 1785-1796

Invoice book, 1785-1796, of Henry , merchant, of , Va. [W. Va.] which includes an inventory of merchandise on hand, 15 May 1786.

Mss. MsV Oversize Henry Bedinger Account Book, 1794-1840

Journal, 1794-1840, of Henry , merchant of Mecklenburg [Co., Va. ?] and of , , and Berkeley County [W.Va.]

Mss. MsV John Blair Ledger, 1795-1797

Ledger of John Blair who was an iron founder and merchant in Grayson County, Va.

Mss. 65 Richard Blow Papers, 1772-1872

Chiefly business papers relating to his stores in Virginia and North Carolina; subjects include Whiskey Rebellion, banking, canals, embargo, War of 1812, shipping, 1772-1872, 16,070 items.

Mss. MsV Ninian Boog Ledger A, 1748-1750

Ledger, 1748-1750, of a merchant in King and Queen County, Va., probably , which includes a list of household expenses. Cover is marked "Ledger A".

Mss. MsV Ninian Boog Ledger B, 1750-1751

Ledger B of , merchant, of King and Queen County, Va.

Mss. MsV Ninian Boog Journal, 1750-1751

Journal, 1750-1751, of a merchant in King and Queen County, Va., probably . Cover is marked "Journal to Ledger B."

Mss. MsV Ame C2 Oversize Anthony Buck Ledger, 1807-1814

Ledger, 1807-1814, of Anthony Buck, commission merchant, Fredericksburg, Va.

Mss. 39.1 B91 Martin Parks Burks Papers, 1798-1866

Martin Parks Burks was the deputy sheriff of Bedford County, Virginia. Chiefly accounts, receipts, and business letters of Martin P. Burks,1798-1866, including records while he was deputy sheriff of Bedford County, Virginia.

Mss. MsV Ame11-13 James Campbell Account Books, 1793-1799

Ledgers, 1793-1799, of James Campbell, merchant, of Lexington, Va. One volume (MsV ) includes accounts with members of the Watt family which were paid for by weaving. There are also loose receipts and legal documents in the third volume (MsV ).

Mss. MsV Robert Campbell Account book, 1811-1825

Account book, [1811]-1825, of Robert Campbell, a cooper, of , (Augusta County), VA.

Mss 78 G13 MsV 3 Richard Charlton Account Book in Galt Papers I

Mss. MsV Cloverdale Furnace (Botetourt County, Va.), 1803-1805

Daybook, 1803-1805, of the Cloverdale Furnace Foundry ( County, Va.) and of an unidentified general merchandise dealer of Lexington, Va.

Mss. MsV Cooke & Eustace Account Book, 1815-1818

Ledger, 1815-1818, of Cooke & , merchants, [Stafford County], Va. which includes bonds, 1821-1824.

Mss. MsV Ap8 Richard Corbin Ledger, 1786-1797

Ledger, 1786-1797, of Richard Corbin of Caroline County, Va. including farm accounts and records of slaves.

Mss 78 G13 MsV 173-174 Alexander Craig Accounts, 1749-1759 in Galt Papers I

Mss. MsV Oversize David Crawford Account Book, 1813-1818

Account book, 1813-1818, of David Crawford, distiller, of Shenandoah County, Va.

Mss. MsV Ellyson Currie Ledgers, 1799-1818

Ledgers, 1799-1808 and 1805-1818, of Ellyson Currie, a lawyer in Lancaster County, Va. The ledger for 1799-1808 has a partial index.

Mss. MsV Ame21 Davenport & Willett Ledger, 1805-1809

Ledger, 1805-1809, of Davenport & Willett, merchants, of Berkeley County, Va. [W. Va.]

Mss. MsV Am8 Joseph Edie Account Book, 1823-1851

Ledger, 1823-1851, of Joseph Edie, physician, of Christiansburg, Montgomery County, Virginia.

Mss. 65 Ed6 Edmonds Family Papers, 1790-1871

Papers, 1790-1871, of the Edmonds family. Includes ledger, 1790- 1794, of John Edmonds, Sr. kept near Quantico and Dumfries, Prince William County, Va.; commission, 1809 February 23, of Elias Edmonds signed by Thomas Jefferson; letter, 1844 April 22, of John F. Edmonds, Macon County, Mo. to his father Elias Edmonds, Upperville, Va.; and diary, 1870-1871, of Joseph Addison Edmonds of Lexington, Mo. kept on a trip to Texas.

Mss. MsV Ad61-80 Joseph Entler Account Books, 1821-1857

Daybooks and ledgers, 1821-1857, of Joseph Entler, merchant and barkeeper of , Jefferson County, W. Va.

Mss. MsV Ap13 William Fairbairn Account Books, 1823

Ledger, 1823, of William Fairbairn which includes a record of marches made with a [military troops] from Augusta County, Va. The volume also includes carpenter's accounts (recording coffins constructed) and farmers' and laborers' accounts.

Mss. MsV Ame29-33 Samuel B. Finley Account Books, 1802-1859

Two ledgers, two journals and a daybook, 1802-1859, of Samuel B. Finley, merchant, of Lexington, Va. Ledger "B" (MsV Ame29) contains accounts concerning the estate of John Tate (Samuel Finley, executor); daybook (MsV Ame 31) contains an inventory , 1813, of goods put into partnership with William Shields and A. Shields and a manuscript arithmetic copybook, 1832; and ledger, 1842-1842 (MsV Ame33) contains notes, 1851-1867, concerning a fruit orchard.

Mss. MsV Af5 William Flower Account Book, 1792-1795

Account book, 1792-1795, of William Flower, farmer.

Mss. MsV Al4-5 Andrew Steele Fulton Account Books, 1825-1834

Account books (ledger and cash book), 1825-1834, of Andrew Steele Fulton, Wythe County, Va. One volume includes recipes for English champagne and for current wine.

Mss. MsV Ad98-99 Oversize William Galt Account Books, 1820-1833

Account books, 1820-1833, of the mercantile firm of William , Sr. and William , Jr. (a distant relative) of Richmond, Virginia. The later account book contains numerous entries concerning John Allan, the foster father of Edgar Allan Poe as well as entries concerning James and "Point of Fork," Fluvanna County, Virginia.

From Papers I, Mss 78 G13 MsV 175 and MsV 5-14 Galt-Pasteur Apothecary Book 1770-1780

Manuscript volume from the Family Papers I, Mss. 78 G13 (MSV 175) Galt-Pasteur Apothecary 1770-1780 NOTE: page 59 contains account for Patrick Henry; pages 145, 146, 147, and 151 are missing.

Mss. MsV Ame66 William Inskeep Ledger, 1802-1859

Ledger, 1802-1859, of William Inskeep, merchant and farmer.

Mss. MsV Ame68-70 Elisha Jackson Ledgers, 1811-1826

Ledgers, 1811-1826, of Elisha Jackson, merchant, of Louisa County, Va.

Mss. 65 B82 John M. Broome & Company Accounts, 1816-1844

Business accounts, 1816-1844, of Lane and Broome Company (after 1824, John M. Broome and Company), Winchester, Va. with accounts payable and receivable. Includes some letters from wholesale and commission merchants in Baltimore, Md.

Mss. MsV Ame F1 John Morton Jordan & Co. Ledger, 1769-1774

Ledger, 1769-1774, of Virginia account of John Morton Jordan & Co., London [Eng.] and of Perkins, Buchanan & Brown, London [Eng.], 1771-1774, including the certification, 26 July 1774, which bears seal, of these accounts before the Lord Mayor of London.  An entry for Thomas Jefferson is on page 13.

Mss. MsV Ame71-74 Amos Johnson Ledgers, 1808-1861

Ledgers, 1808-1821, of Amos Johnson, merchant, of Fauquier County, Va. Ledger "b", 1808, also contains loose papers, receipts, and letters, 1859- 1861, belonging to Richard N. Johnson.'

Mss. MsV Af6 Catesby Jones Account Book, 1767-1845

Ledger, 1767-1845, of Catesby Jones, of "Marlfield," Gloucester County, Va. Includes information on Robert Yates, a student at the College of William and Mary in 1827.

Mss. MsV Ame77 Andrew Kincannon Ledger, 1808-1837

Ledger, 1808-1837, of Andrew Kincannon, merchant, of Wythe County, Va.

Mss. MsV Ame78 Gideon King Account Book, 1803-1861

Account book, 1803-1806, with loose papers, 1839-1861, belonging to Gideon King and to Gideon King Stanley.

Mss. MsV Ame79 Thomas G. Kirby Journal, 1818-1821

Journal, 1818-1821, of Thomas G. Kirby, merchant, of Warrenton, Fauquier County, Va.

Mss. MsV Cp4 Thomas Ladd Letter Copy Book, 1798-1862

Letter copybook, 1798-1799, of Thomas Ladd, tobacco merchant of Richmond, Va. Later, the volume was used as a scrapbook for newspaper clippings, 1841-1862, by Alice Starke.

Mss. MsV Ata5 John Cyrus Letcher Ledger, 1813-1826

Ledger, 1813-1826, of John Cyrus Letcher, leather craftsman of Lexington, Va.

Mss. MsV Su1 Lexington Newsletter and Western Virginia Telegraph Subscription Book, 1818-1825

Record, 1818-1819, of newspaper subscriptions including The Lexington (Va.) Newsletter and Western Virginia Telegraph, and The Staunton (Va.) Republic. The volume was also used as a ledger, 1818-1825, by an unidentified merchant, Lexington, Va.

Mss. MsV Af25 Oversize Jonah H. Lupton Account Book, 1816-1875

Account book, 1816-1875, of Jonah H. Lupton, merchant and farmer. Included in the volume are notes on livestock, home remedies, and the birth of children. Also included are Civil War notes, 1861-1862, concerning feeding the troops, the Union occupation of Winchester on 12 March 1862, and Jackson and his men.

Mss. MsV Lev1 William Mann Fee Book, 1800-1877

Fee book, 1800-1818, of William Mann, Marshall [U. S. District Court] of Virginia, listing fees for serving legal papers. The volumes also includes account, 1814-1815, with laborers, a list, 1821, of bonds due to Mann, and notes, 1877, concerning the Gresham family.

Mss. MsV Al7 John M. Martin Account Book, 1802-1850

Account book, 1802-1850, of John M. Martin, lawyer and merchants, of [Albemarle County ?] Va. which includes an account with the University of Virginia.  Includes an index.

Mss. MsV Ab21 Noah Martz Account Book, 1818-1855

Account book, 1818-1855, of Noah Martz, blacksmith, of Rockingham County, Va.

Mss. Acc. 1997.30 Boyd Miller and Archibald Robertson Ledger, 1819-1857

Ledger kept by the law firm of Boyd Miller and Archibald Robertson Lynchburg, Va. Contains legal work for various individuals of Lynchburg, Va. and other areas. Included are approximately 14 entries relating to Thomas Jefferson.

Mss. 95 M99 Samuel Myers Papers, 1796-1845

Insurance policies for real estate and cargo owned by Samuel Myers of Richmond, Va. and his estate. Some were issued by the Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia. Some were issued to Gustavus A. Myers, the executor of Samuel Myers. Other names in the collection are [?] Bell, Dr. John Cullen, Peter Joseph Chevallie, [?] Higginson, A. R. Holiday, John Leslie (executor and trustee for Robert Craig), Joseph Marx, Thomas Massie, Henry Myers, H. P. Poindexter, John Richard, Thomas Rutherfoord, A. L. Warner, James Whitlock and Richard H. Whitlock (executors for Charles Whitlock). Photograph of 1816 Hebrew Cemetery, Shockoe section of Richmond, Virginia, where Samuel and Louisa Myers are buried, added to collection.

Mss. MsV An1-2 New Shenandoah Company Account Books, 1815-1860

Account books, 1815-1860, of the New Shenandoah Company, Port Republic, Rockingham County, Va. which was organized to open the Shenandoah River and its branches to navigation. Includes loose papers and some correspondence concerning David Stickley and Daniel Stickley.

Mss. MsV Mi14-15 New Shenandoah Company Minute Books, 1815-1857

Minute books, 1815-1857, of the New Shenandoah Company, Port Republic, Rockingham Co., Va. The company was organized to open the Shenandoah River and its branches to navigation. Includes a printed copy of the company's charter, and a letter, 16 March 1856, from a stockholder.

Mss. MsV Ami G14 Opequon Factory Journal, 1813-1829

Journal, 1813-1829, of Opequon Factory, a grist mill (Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County, Va. ] [W. Va.] belonging to the John Clark estate and operated by Benjamin Davenport. It includes accounts with Bushrod Washington, and the estates of John Davenport, and Adrian Davenport.

Mss. MsV Cp8 Oversize James Patton Copybook, 1804-1806

Letter copybook, 1804-1806, of James Patton, planter, commission merchant, and shipowner, Alexandria, Va.

Mss. MsV Ad132 Benjamin Pennybacker Daybook, 1818-1821

Kept by a merchant [of Rockingham County, Va. ?]. Mentions laborers at work, Shenandoah River Company stock and the hire of slaves.

Mss. MsV Ab7 James Pickett Account Book, 1818-1827

Account book, 1818-1827, of James Pickett concerning a bar.

Mss. MsV Ac12 Robert Piper Account Book, 1792-1824

Account book, 1792-1824, of Robert Piper, carpenter.

Mss. MsV Ame103 Pollard & Martin Accounts, 1785-1791

Accounts, 1790-1791, of Pollard & Martin, merchants, of Amherst County, Va. which also includes a ledger, 1785-1790, of an unidentified merchant.

Mss. MsV Ac27 Potomac Company Time Book, 1821

Lists hours worked for men engaged in construction of locks at Little Falls on the Potomac River [later incorporated into the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.] Also used as a commonplace book by [Sarah Emily Plummer ?].

Mss. MsV Af11 Andrew Reid Account Book, 1787-1837

Account book, 1787-1837, of Andrew Reid, farmer and landowner of Rockbridge County, Va. The last several years of the book were kept by an unidentified individual. 124 p. : bound volume ; 46 cm.

Mss. 65 R43 Riddle Papers, 1812-1915

Papers, 1812-1915, of the Riddle family of Chambersburg, Pa., Baltimore, Md., and Charlestown, W. Va. Chiefly the correspondence and accounts of Horace R. Riddle, banker of Baltimore, Md. and Charles Town, W. Va. who was the agent for the receiver of the Bank of the Valley in Virginia. Collection also includes a farm account book, 1812-1832, of James Riddle of Chambersburg; and plans and specifications for re-modeling a house in Charles Town.

Mss. MsV Ap30 Adam Rinica and George Rinica Account Book, 1812-1848

Ledger, 1822-1848, of Adam Rinica and George Rinica, Marksville, Page County, Va.

Mss. MsV Ami G17-18 Henry Robinson Journals, 1803-1804

Journals, 1803-1804, of Henry Robinson, merchant and mill owner, [Brunswick Mills, Va.?] which contains accounts of a grist mill, foundry, saw mill, and a general store.  Per 1810 census, many names from the Botetourt County area of Virginia.

Mss. MsV Ad150 Jacob Rush Ledger, 1830-1837

Ledger of Jacob Rush, tanner, of Rockingham County, Virginia, 1825-1864. 137 double pages. 12 3/4 x 8 1/2. Note:  The book also contains rough drafts of several legal papers.

Mss. MsV Afu6 Spring Forge Iron Works Account Book, 1804-1805

Account book of Spring Forge Iron Works, possibly in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Mss. Acc. 1996.41 William Sterrett Papers, 1799-1868

Business papers of Sterrett who was a lawyer, real estate agent and county clerk of Mason County, Virginia (now West Virginia) includes letters, accounts, deeds, promissory notes, legal records, wills and other business records. Most of the letters are from Colin Auld of Alexandria, Va. Note: Correspondents include James Hall of Harrisonburg Va., John A. Marmaduke of Hillsborough and Shepherdstown, West Virginia, George W. Peter, John P. C. Peter, Thomas Peter of Georgetown, D. C., John Roberts of Alexandria, Va. and James Swan and Jonathan Swan of Baltimore, Md., Robert Swan of Cumberland, Md. and Robert Worthington of Charlestown, Va. (now West Virginia.). Subjects covered by the papers include internal improvements, land speculation, runaway slaves, Board of Public Works, contracts for the construction of log cabins and for the clearing of brush, court case against James White Brackenridge. One document concerns Lawrence Washington.

Mss. MsV Cp12 W.S. Stone Letter Copybook, 1810-1813

Letter copybook, 1810-1813, of W. S. Stone, commission merchant and shipowner, of Fredericksburg, Va.

Mss. MsV Al10-11 Archibald Stuart Ledgers, 1757-1852

Account books, 1788-1831, kept by Stuart who was a lawyer in Staunton, Va. Accounts concern his law practice, personal finances, and include accounts concerning the building of his house.

Mss. MsV Ame129 Oversize Robert Swan and Daniel C. Brent Journal, 1805-1806

Journal, 1805-1806, of Robert Swan and [Daniel C.] Brent, Richmond Mill [Stafford County, Va.] 90 p. : bound volume ; 41 cm.

Mss. MsV Ami G15-16 Robert Dwan and Daniel C. Brent Journals, 1804-1817

Journals, 1804-1806, and 1817, of Robert Swan and Daniel C. Brent, Richland Mill, [Stafford County, Va.] which contains grist mill and general store accounts.

Mss 65 T15 Dr. William Taliaferro, 1811-1812, Account Book in William Booth Taliaferro Papers, 1811-1954

Mss. MsV Ap37 Robert Barraud Taylor Invoice and Receipt Book, 1825-1831

Invoice and receipt book, 1825-1831, of Robert Barraud Taylor, of Norfolk, Va. The receipts are tipped in.

Mss. 65 T59 Christopher Tompkins Papers, 1778-1838

Logbooks, account books and accounts, 1807-1841, of Christopher Tompkins kept while captain of ship "Pocahontas", 1807-1809, and while running a general merchandise store in Mathews Co., Va. Includes typed excerpts from a memoir of Tompkins compiled by his son, Christopher Quarles Tompkins in 1860 and twenty-one pages from an account book listing foodstuffs of A. Y. P. Garnett, surgeon in Sally Tompkins' Confederate hospital, Robertson Hospital, in Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War.

Mss. MsV Ain1 Oversize Traders Insurance Co. Register, 1825-1833

Register, 1825-1833, of the Traders Insurance Company, Wheeling, Va. [W. Va.], Knox & M'Kee, agents, containing records of policies sold on dwelling houses, on business establishments, and on merchandise shipped on keelboats and steamboats.

Mss. MsV Ah2-Ah10 Traveller's Rest Daybooks, 1816-1838

Account books of "Traveller's Rest", a tavern in Louisa Co., Va. Lists individuals, lodging, food and drink, as well as feed for horses.

Mss. MsV Adi2 Distiller's Ledger and Merchant's Ledger, 1779-1812

Ledger, 1799-1812, of an unidentified distiller, of Albermarle County, Va. Includes ledger, 1779-1786, of an unidentified merchant who had an account with Thomas Jefferson.

Mss MsV Ame41-42 C. Furnace Account Books, 1803-1804

Journals, 1803-1804, of an unidentified furnace (C. Furnace).

Mss MsV Ab8 Shadrach Battles Account Book, 1804-1807

Account book, 1804-1807, of an unidentified person concerning selling liquor to Shadrach Battles and William Watts.

Mss. MsV Ame6u Charles Town W.Va Account Book, 1801-1803

Account book, 1801-1803, which is a ledger and journal of an unidentified merchant at Charles Town, Virginia [W. Va.]

Mss MsV Ame4u Merchant's Account Book, Elias Edmonds, Jr., 1799

Account book, 1799, of merchant Elias Edmonds, Jr. of Kilmarnock, Virginia.

Mss. 65 W89 Ledger and Account Book, Leeds, England, and Richmond (Worthington Papers), 1794-1802

1799-1809 account book of a school in Frederick County. 1828-1879 unidentified account book of a store. 1794-1802 ledger and account book including English business houses and many prominent Americans, such as James Madison.

Mss. MsV Ame5u Oversize Merchant's Journal, 1801-1802, 1801-1802

Journal, 1801-1802, of an unidentified merchant.

Mss. MsV Ame63u Augusta County, Va. Merchant's Journal, 1819

Journal, 1819, of an unidentified merchant at Krings Mills [Augusta County, Va.] which was used as a scrapbook for newspaper clippings of poetry.  Per 1810 census, many names are from Rockingham County, Va.  Some newspaper clippings are from the 1860's.

Mss. MsV Ame8u Oversize Merchant's Ledger, 1815

Ledger, 1815, of an unidentified merchant.

Mss. MsV Ame9u Merchant's Ledger, 1819-1837

Ledger, 1819-1837, of an unidentified merchant, including notes concerning the birth of a black child and the purchase of slaves.

Mss. MsV Ame7u Merchant's Ledger, 1802-1803

Ledger, 1802-1803, of an unidentified merchant.

Mss. MsV Ash1 Tappahannock Va. Receipt Book, 1825-1854

Receipt book, 1825-1854, of incoming cargo, containing the name of the captain, the name of the vessel, amounts and costs and also including loose bills of lading for goods shipped from Tappahannock, Va. to Baltimore, Md.

Mss. MsV Ap45 Account Book, 1824-1836

Account book, 1824-1836, of an unidentified person which includes records of stocks and an account with the Bank of the United States, Richmond, Va.  Includes stock entries for the James River Company, Moses M. Myers and others.

Mss. MsV Ap44 Account Book, 1804-1824

Account book, 1804-1824, of an unidentified person of [Augusta County, Va. ?]

Mss. MsV Ap43 Bank of Alexandria Checkbook, 1803-1804

Checkbook, 1803-1804, of an unidentified person in account with the Bank of Alexandria, Va.

Mss. MsV Ap42 Oversize Augusta County, Va. Ledger, 1801-1808

Ledger, 1801-1808, of an unidentified person of [Augusta Co., Va. ?] which includes liquor and brickmason accounts.

Mss. MsV Am17-20 Physician's Account Books, 1805-1826

Three ledgers and an account book, 1805-1826, of an unidentified physician who practiced in the vicinity of Gloucester County, Va., Mathews County, Va., and King and Queen County, Va.

Mss. MsV T5 Oversize David Crawford Record Book, 1814-1815

Records, 1814-1815, of David Crawford, [U. S.] deputy collector of revenue in Shenandoah County, Va. for the eighth collection district of Virginia. The volume includes abstracts of duties on licences granted for distilleries; duties on retailers of wine, liquors and foreign merchandise; duties on sales at auction; and duties on carriages.

Mss. MsV Apo3 Oversize Jackson, Va. Post Office Register, 1819-1832

Register, 1819-1832, of accounts of mail sent from the post office at Jackson, Louisa County, Va.

Mss. MsV Aa11 Benjamin Waller Account Book, 1803-1833

Account book, 1803-1833, of Benjamin Waller, Spotsylvania County, Va., which includes the account of his estate administered by Benjamin Waller, Jr; the account of the estate of William E. Waller with Benjamin Waller and Richmond L. Waller, executors; genealogical data on the Waller family; and farm memoranda.

Mss. MsV Ab22 Oversize Adolphus Weir Account Book, 1790-1806

Account book, 1790-1806, of Adolphus Weir, blacksmith, of Lexington, Va.

Mss. MsV Ab23 James Weir Account Book, 1801-1822

Account book, 1801-1822, of James Weir, blacksmith, of Lexington, Va.

Mss. 39.1 W88 Woolfolk Family Papers, 1775-1893

Papers of the Woolfolk family of Caroline County, Virginia including correspondence and accounts of John George Woolfolk, Jourdan Woolfolk, Pichegru Woolfolk and John William Woolfolk. The collection includes correspondence, accounts and vouchers for the stage line run by the Woolfolk family (Allen &  Woolfolk; Jourdan Woolfolk & Company; and Woolfolk &  Hoomes). Includes records of routes, rates, supplies, arrangements for layover of passengers and mail contracts of the Potomac Steamboat and Stage Company as well as papers concerning stock purchases in the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad. Also includes bound account books for the stage lines. Note: Includes letters written by James Lyons, Timothy Pickering, Robert Ryland and Benjamin Waller; letters of and accounts concerning members of the Maury family; and lists, 1829 and 1837, of vaccinated slaves. Lot 2 consists of about 6000 pieces of papers of the WoolfolkFamily of Caroline County, Virginia, dated 1793-1876. There are financial records relating to the stage line and mail service, records relating to agricultural business, correspondence, insurance records, military records, records relating to the erection of Antioch Baptist Church, and copies of newspapers.

Mss. MsV Ap40 Peter Winston Estate Account Book, 1784-1790

Peter Winston's Estate Account book.  He died October 17, 1784.  He lived at "Half Sink" on the Chickahominy River in Henrico Co, VA.

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