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Early American History Resources in the Special Collections Research Center

The Special Collections Research Center has extensive holdings of manuscripts and rare books dealing with early American history. This guide describes the bulk of those holdings, although it is not a comprehensive list.

Military Collections in the SCRC

Consult the Special Collections Research Center Access Tools to see further descriptions of many of these collections.

Barron, Samuel, Papers; includes papers and correspondence of three generations of Samuel Barrons, all of whom were involved in naval affairs, including Samuel Barron (1765-1810) who commanded one of the Mediterranean squadrons sent to defeat Tripoli; also includes letters concerning the capture of William Bainbridge and the seamen of the USS Philadelphia and letters written aboard the USS Constitution, as well as an account by James Barron of his deadly duel with Stephen Decatur, 1793-1942, 538 items, Mss 65 B29

Blair, Banister, Braxton, Horner, and Whiting Papers, includes several letters about Williamsburg during the War of 1812, including the response of William and Mary students when British troops were nearby, 1760-890, 1765-1817, Mss 39.1 B58

Blair Family Papers, frigate USS Constitution, 1798, and letters and military reports re War of 1812, 1770-1865, Mss 65 B63

Campbell Family Papers, includes papers of William Campbell, a captain in the Revolution, Orange County, 1726-1920, Mss 39.1 C16

Gallatin, Gaspard de, Baron, Papers; (photocopy) memoir of French officer, 1781, Mss39.2 G115

Gilchrist, John, Papers; letters while serving on board a Royal Navy ship, 1778-1781, 3 items, Mss 65s G38

Lightfoot, Philip, Papers; numerous papers relating to his service in the Virginia militia and Continental artillery and infantry during the Revolution, 1765-1860, Mss 39.1 L6

Littlefield, John, Memorandum Book; photocopy, resident of Wells, Maine records soldiers’ activities in northern theater of Revolution, 1761-1782, Mss MsV Me3

McGavrock Papers, Revolution in the west, including expedition against the Cherokees, 1776-1777, Mss 39.1 M17

Murphy, Pleasants; diary of military service in Virginia, including at Liberty (now Bedford) County, County, Richmond, , Williamsburg, and Yorktown, 1814-1815, Mss MsV D5

McAllister, J.T.; Notebook, “Books B and C” of copies and abstracts of declarations of military service in the Revolution for Albemarle, Amherst, Bath, Greenbrier, Louisa, Pocahontas, and Prince Edward Counties and Fredericksburg, copied in the , Mss MsV Nmi2

Page-Saunders Papers, muster roll and inspection of Williamsburg volunteer company, 1813, Mss 39.1 P15

Powell, Leven, Papers; letters by a Continental Army officer, 1774-1806, 93 items, Mss 65 P87

Preston Family Papers, includes a few letters relating to Revolution and War of 1812, most notably a 1776 letter about Cherokees’ reluctance to come to Williamsburg, Mss 39.1 P91

Rochambeau, Comte de, Papers; some originals and some photocopies of French officer’s papers, 50 items, 1781-1789, Mss 39.2 R58

Slaughter, Philip, Diary; fragment of diary of Virginia soldier in Pennsylvania campaign, 1777, Mss MsV D1

Southall Papers, includes correspondence of Peyton Alexander , captain’s clerk and purser in U.S. Navy, 1828-1830, Mss 39.1 So8

Tucker-Coleman Papers, includes many letters relating to St. George Tucker’s service as a soldier as well as correspondence from others during the Revolution, 1770-1907, Mss 40 T79

Papers, photocopies from the George Washington papers of items relating to Charles Armand Tuffin, French officer in the Revolution, 1777-1791, 129 items, Mss 39.1 T81

Unidentified soldier’s notebook; technical data on artillery, including tests at , England, 1780-1790, Mss MsV Nmi1

United States Military Collection, includes returns of J. Pannill’s brigade in Williamsburg, April 26, 1782 and order book, 1813, of Captain Sheild’s light infantry militia company; Mss 39.1 Un3

Waring Family Papers, enlistment record, n.d. but American Revolution, giving men’s names, heights, and complexions, Mss 39.2 W23

Washington, George, Papers; include of orderly book of Continental Army camped at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1775, and a of his accounts with the United States, 1775-1783, Mss 39.1 W25

Woods, Archibald, Papers; many papers relating to militia in western Virginia during peacetime and War of 1812, 1783-1846, Mss 65 W87

Worthington, C. L., Papers; includes affidavits of Revolutionary War service of 20 men in Frederick Co., Mss 65 W89

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