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Early American History Resources in the Special Collections Research Center

The Special Collections Research Center has extensive holdings of manuscripts and rare books dealing with early American history. This guide describes the bulk of those holdings, although it is not a comprehensive list.

Education Collections in the SCRC

Consult the Special Collections Research Center Access Tools to see further descriptions of many of these collections.

Included here are notebooks, copybooks, and commonplace books.

Archer, Alexander; textbook on geometry and surveying, Petersburg, 1825, Mss MsV Nm9
Bridgforth, Thomas; mathematics copybook, Lunenburg County, 1808-1813, Mss Acc 1994.86
Copley, Joseph; algebra textbook of rules and cases, 1729, Mss MsV Nm1
Garrett, Robert; notebooks, on lectures of John Augustine Smith about moral philosophy, metaphysics, and political economy, 1824-1826, University Archives Bound Volumes, items 62-63
Gould, James, and Tapping Reeve; First volume of the lectures of James Gould and Tappan Reeve, Litchfield Law School, Litchfield, Connecticut, 1813-1814, Mss MsV Nla4
Hackley, William; notebook on chemistry, moral philosophy, and logic, 1824, University Archives Bound Volume, item 3
Hamner, Charles Wingfield; arithmetic book, Campbell County, 1798-1805, Mss MsV Nm5
Handwritten mathematics textbook, 1799, Mss MsV Nm6
Harris, Warren; arithmetic book, 1795, Mss MsV Nm4
Holland Family Papers, includes a manuscript volume, ca. 1795-1800, used by George Washington Holland for arithmetic exercises, Nansemond County (VA) and Jasper County (GA), Mss 65 H72
Lewis, James; notebook concerning farming and math (using farming examples), Gloucester County, 1779-1844, Mss MsV Nf1
Madison, James (bishop); notes on his natural and experimental philosophy lectures by various students, 1801-1811, University Archives Bound Volumes, items 6-11
Mazurie, Theodore; notebook concerning the pronunciation of the French language, 1806; Mss MsV Nfr1
Mercer, Hugh Jones; notebook on rhetoric and belles letters lectures of Hugh Blair, 1794, University Archives Bound Volume, item 4
Physica Ioanni Houvard, treatise on physics, includes pen and ink diagrams and one red crayon portrait, 1703 (copied in Latin), Mss MsV Nph1
See, George, Jr.; arithmetic notebook, 1809-1810, Mss MsV Ad152
Snyder, Frederick E.; philosophy notebook, New Market, Shenandoah County, 1809, Mss MsV Np1
Sublet, John; arithmetic book, 1766, Mss MsV Nm2
Trustees of Rappahannock Academy, record book, 1810-1822, in Robb-Bernard Papers, Mss 65 R54
Tyler, John; Mathematics notebook, Spotsylvania County, 1802-1805, Mss MsV Nm7
Unidentified child, commonplace book, 1802, Mss MsV Co9
Unidentified child, copybook, 1813, Mss MsV Cp15
Unidentified child, copybook, 1815, Mss MsV Cp16
Unidentified school, account book, Frederick County, 1799-1809, in C. L. Worthington Papers, Mss 65 W89
Unidentified student, arithmetic notebook, 1780-1820, Mss MsV Nm10
Unidentified student, arithmetic notebook, 1800-1820, Mss MsV Nm2
Unidentified student, commonplace book, 1808-1812, Mss MsV Co10
Unidentified student, notebook with notes on Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, President John Augustine Smith’s lectures, anatomy, Stewart’s philosophy, Campbell’s rhetoric, astronomy, political economy, and chemistry, 1821, University Archives Bound Volume, item 17
Unidentified teacher and miller, diary, near Millwood, Frederick County, 1795-1799, Mss MsV D4
Warren, Dawson; notebooks, University of Maryland Medical School, 1822-1828, Mss MsV Nme4-5
Westmore, William Baird; notebook on the “Practice of Medicine” from lectures of Dr. Benjamin Rush of the University of Pennsylvania, 1811-1812, Mss MsV Nme3

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