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BUAD 5407: Marketing Strategy

Internal Analysis: Getting Started

To determine the internal environment, analysts must conduct company research using a variety of company-specific tools (i.e., website, forward-facing publications) and external reports and data, which can be either government or proprietary in nature.

Mission Statements

A company's mission statement articulates the company's purpose, objectives, consumers, and products offered. The best place to begin researching company mission statements is the company itself; using your preferred search engine, search for the company. While mission statements are often found within a "Company Information" or "About Us" section, they can also be found within a publicly traded company's Media and/or Investor Relations page or their 10K (annual report).

Google Web Search

Financial Information

SWOT: Strengths & Weaknesses

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, and a SWOT Analysis helps analysts understand a company's position in the market. The following databases are considered "best bets" for finding credible SWOT analyses.


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