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HIST 100 Stuff: Objects and Their (Hi)Stories (Spring 2023)

General information about the W&M Libraries

Of Particular Note:

  • Hours
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  • Events
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  • Study Rooms
  • Equipment

Most important aspect of the library: this is your library and the librarians genuinely want you to be comfortable, happy, and well-supported here. 

Research Prize!

Every year, The W&M Libraries offer Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards.

The Undergraduate Library Research Awards recognize creative and original library research completed by William & Mary undergraduate students. Prizes will be given to the students whose papers best illustrate exemplary use of W&M Libraries tools and resources, and the development of information-gathering skills. 

The four awards will be granted in two categories (freshman/sophomore and junior/senior). First prize winners in category will each receive $750, and second prize winners will receive $500.  

Awardees will be asked to deposit their research paper into Scholar Works and meet with library staff to create a short video about their research to be shared on library social media. 


Applicants must:

  • Be undergraduates enrolled in a degree program in any discipline at William & Mary.
  • Have completed a research paper for a William & Mary credit course offered during either the Spring 2022, Summer 2022, or Fall 2022 semesters. 
  • Individual and group papers are eligible, but works co-written with faculty are not permissible. Groups with students that cross the categories (ex. freshmen and juniors) will be placed in the junior/senior category.

At this time only written papers and projects are accepted.