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HIST 100 Stuff: Objects and Their (Hi)Stories (Spring 2023)

Library Session Two (10/26/22)

By this point in the class you will have your project topic selected and will need to find primary and secondary sources. This class will go into considerably more detail than the first, address:

  • How to use the catalog to find books specifically on your research topic
  • How to use History subject databases, such as American: History & Life and Historical Abstracts, to find peer reviewed articles on your topic
  • How to use keyword searches to perform "subject headings" searches to find materials on your topic.
  • How to use the catalog and our many, many primary source databases to find .

Library Session One (10/05/22)

This meeting is an opportunity to become familiar with your college library & librarians. We will cover:

  • Services offered by the library
  • Types of materials offered by the library
  • Accessing materials, both within the WM Libraries and from partner libraries
  • Introduction to the Library catalog & main ("PRIMO" database)

We'll also have general discussions regarding:

  • What is a Primary Source?
  • What is a Secondary Source?
    • What is a scholarly article / peer review?
  • How to evaluate sources.
  • Books and Articles: What's the difference? 

By the end of the session, you'll have familiarity with the library and it's materials, services, and people. 

For this class specifically, I want you to know what types of resources exist: books, articles, popular magazines, image databases, encyclopedias, audio/visual databases, Historic Newspapers, etc