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Women's History Resources in the Special Collections Research Center

The SCRC invites you to explore manuscripts, university archives, rare books, and artifacts related to women and to engage with the achievements, struggles, and representations of women throughout history.

Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color

In building a more inclusive and representative repository, our collecting efforts and campus and community partnerships aim to include women of color throughout our holdings and not as mere afterthought or tangent. Primary sources representing Black, Indigenous, and women of color are as individual as the women they depict. While grouping these materials together can risk simplifying diverse lives into one narrative monolith, we also recognize the importance of these resources—as both individual stories and as a collective—and seek to uplift and honor these lived experiences. We encourage you to always seek the perspective of women of color in historic research and to cite their voices with care, loyalty, and trust.

To avoid misrepresenting anyone's identity or separating the inseparable intersections of lived experience, this list is simply organized in chronological order. Please note that this resource list is not comprehensive. Consult our database and the library catalog for more resources, or reach out to us directly.