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Women's History Resources in the Special Collections Research Center

The SCRC invites you to explore manuscripts, university archives, rare books, and artifacts related to women and to engage with the achievements, struggles, and representations of women throughout history.

Women's Organizations

When traditional systems of government, work, and religion excluded them, women formed their own communities and organizations to address the needs and interests that mattered to them. Several manuscript and university archives collections from the SCRC document the meetings and correspondence of these groups and demonstrate the collective influence and impact of women united together.

Groups at William & Mary

More collections related to women at William & Mary, including on-campus sororities, can be found on the Women at William & Mary page of this research guide. 

Civic Engagement

Religious Affiliation

Fraternal Organizations

Women's Rights Groups

Military and Veterans' Groups

Social Groups and Other Interests

More Resources

Search the SCRC's Collection Guides database for more manuscript and university archives collections related to women's organizations. Some suggested subject headings include: