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Women's History Resources in the Special Collections Research Center

The SCRC invites you to explore manuscripts, university archives, rare books, and artifacts related to women and to engage with the achievements, struggles, and representations of women throughout history.

War Accounts & Military Involvement

American Revolutionary War

American Civil War

World War I

Page from Clara L. Lawrence's scrapbook (Mss. Acc. 2009.299). Eight black and white photographs are adhered to a black page. Each image features a portrait of one or more woman nurse standing among grass and trees. Each nurse wears a white gown, often accompanied by a white cap and a dark shawl over the shoulders. Embedded caption reads, "American Expeditionary Force nurses in France, circa 1918."

World War II

Page from Goldie Leatherman's Scrapbook, featuring news clippings and handwritten annotations. The most prominent clippings read, "You Can Fight Best / Where You Fit Best" and "Not For His Country -- / Not For My Country -- / but for OUR country."

A page from Goldie Leatherman's Scrapbook featuring newspaper clippings alongside handwritten diary entries.

More Resources

Search the SCRC's Collection Guides database for more manuscript and university archives collections related to women's organizations. Some suggested subject headings include: