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Animal Studies Research Guide

What is animal studies? What search terms should I use to find sources on nonhuman animals within the humanities? How can I study issues of animal exploitation as an undergraduate? This research guide aims to answer these questions for students at Swem.

Animal Products

The human use of nonhuman body parts (leather, fur, ivory) or substances produced by nonhuman animals (honey, dairy, wool).

Primary sources

Coin Purse, circa 1920, is made of leather and has a metal frame

Coin Purse, circa 1920 is made of leather (Mss. 1926.072.A17)


Wool Embroidery, Undated    

Wool Embroidery, undated.  One piece of punch paper that is embroidered with blue and white wool thread. (Mss. 65T15.A46.1)


Purple silk ribbon, undated

Purple silk ribbon, undated. (Mss. 65T15.A44.1)


Secondary Sources