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Animal Studies Research Guide

What is animal studies? What search terms should I use to find sources on nonhuman animals within the humanities? How can I study issues of animal exploitation as an undergraduate? This research guide aims to answer these questions for students at Swem.

Chapin-Horowitz Dog Book Collection

With over 10,000 items, the Chapin-Horowitz Dog Book Collection is the second largest collection of books about dogs in the U.S. An evolving collection, it contains scholarly works in several languages dating back to 1537, as well as children's literature, breed guides, and publications of the American Kennel Club. The Chapin-Horowitz Collection can be searched and browsed through the W&M Libraries catalog.

Highlights from the collection are listed below. Our holdings in each of these categories are extensive; these are just a sample of the range of materials available. Please contact us if you need further assistance with finding materials for your dog-related research.

Breed Guides and History

Cornerstones of the Collection

Leaf with color illustration of dog entitled "Der Tiegerhund" from Vier und zwanzig Abbildungen verschiedener Hunde


Medium sized pug dog porcelain figurine in a standing pose, circa 1900