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Latin America and the Caribbean: Resources available in the Special Collections Research Center

This guide provides an overview of material in the Special Collections Research Center in the Earl Gregg Swem Library related to Latin America & the Caribbean.

Central America Sources in the Special Collections Research Center


Hispanic Society of America Postcards -- Approximately 150 postcards of buildings and scenes in Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Spain published by the Hispanic Society of America.  Postcards are black and white photographs.  Undated.

Latin American Student Union Records -- This collection contains administrative records, fliers, and posters created by the Latin American Student Union (LASU), a student group at the College of William & Mary. Included in the records are drafts of the group's consitution, agendas from meetings, and posters and fliers related to the LASU sponsored event "State Terrorism in Latin America Awareness Week" in March 2011. More information about the Latin American Student Union can be found on their webpage at


Broome Family Papers -- Papers, circa 1870s-1930s, of the Broome family of Richmond, Virginia. Includes diaries of Louise Taliaferro from a 1924 trip around the world, photographs, and photograph albums. There is also correspondence, including letters of Talbot Broome during his trips to Argentina, other locations in South America, and Germany. There are also legal and business documents, primarily dealing with William Broome's death in 1931. Finally, there are wills, marriage certificates, family bible records, and other related material.


John Tuthill Papers -- Papers of John Tuthill, 20th century diplomat and head of the 1969 Salzburg Seminar.  The collection includes early correspondence from the 1930's, papers from his time as ambassador to Brazil, papers from the 1969 Salzburg Seminar and papers from his career as a diplomat.

G. Glenwood Clark Papers -- Papers of G. Glenwood Clark, professor of English who taught American Literature at the College of William and Mary. Includes correspondence, 1921-1965, with former students, faculty and administration of the College, personal acquaintances, publishing companies, clubs and organizations as well as newspaper clippings, typescripts of books, articles and talks, lecture notes, scrapbooks and materials relating to his two sabbaticals in Brazil including photographs, letters, accounts and a diary.

Charles Pierce Ward Travel Diary -- Diary of a young American, Charles P. Ward, who lived in Brazil from March to July, 1936.  Ward had evidently not done well at school and his father sent him to Brazil to live for a year.  He is partially supervised by Lopo de Millo who is a friend of the family. Initially, Ward spends time making friends, going to clubs and trying to find ways to have fun, but very little time pursuing a job.  Throughout the diary, Ward comments on being bored and lonely, how much he misses his family, how he wishes he could find a job, and how introspective he has become.  By June, he is really frazzled and unsure what he needs to do.  In mid-July, he makes plans to return home.  By August, Ward seriously tries to find a job but is unsuccessful.  He notes that he wishes to travel down the Panama River and eventually head home, but does not have enough money. He is homesick and lonely and bored with trying to fill up his day.  He boards a ship for home on August 12. Ward writes insightfully about the learning experience of being on his own.

Diary (New Orleans, La.) -- Diary of a sailor or merchant seaman for the year 1921. In brief entries that cover most of the year 1921, the author notes his different employments. Starting out from and returning several times to New Orleans, La., he stopped (among other places) in Cuba, the Bahamas, the Virgina Islands, Brazil and New York City. He also makes notes on money borrowed.


Gwathmey Family Papers -- Photocopies of papers, 1814-1965, concerning the Gwathmey family of "Bear Island," Hanover County, Va. with references to and letters of Richard Gwathmey, Lucy Ann Gwathmey and their children, Edward G. Gwathmey, Lewis T. Gwathmey and Eleanor Gwathmey. Includes autobiography by Edward G. Gwathmey in which he describes his experiences during the Civil War as well as two letters, 1855, from George W. Elliott, stationed on the frigate Independence in Valparaiso, Chile and San Francisco, Ca.


W. A. Archer Diary -- Typescript copy of diary, 1931, of W. A. Archer's anthropological and biological expedition to El Choco, Colombia. The volume includes black and white photographs of the region and of its people.


Financial Document (Peru) -- Financial document, 1617, for shepherds and employees of a ranch in Peru. Includes wages paid for shepherds to maintain a herd of 1560 sheep, as well as deducations from the salary of one shepherd for the loss of several sheep on his watch.

Peru Photograph Album -- Photograph album of scenes, people and places in Peru, South America.  Typed index to the photographs on Harvard College Observatory, Arequipa Station, Arequipa, Peru, S.A. letterhead. Three postcards from "Leon, " one to F.E. Brasch at Stanford University in California and two to Fred. E. Brasch at Palo Alto, California.


Agnes Dawson Papers -- Letters written by Agnes Balloch Dawson from the American Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay to her father and 'Omie' (mother?) from 1941-1946.  Agnes Balloch talks in detail about her and her husband William Dawson Jr.'s (1885-1972) life in Uruguay, describing their social and professional interactions, and commenting on politics and events.


Judith Ewell Papers -- This collection consists of two boxes of material created and collected by Judith Ewell, a professor of History at the College of William and Mary between 1971 and 2004. It includes papers Ewell wrote in college and graduate school; conference papers and programs; teaching materials from her year as a Fulbright Lecturer in Venezuela; correspondence about her publications; and contracts and other administrative material regarding her appointments at William and Mary.