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Records Management

All employees of the College of William and Mary have legal and prudential obligations to retain and manage its records & Swem Library staff are available to assist you.

Transferring Records to the University Archives

Transferring Records to the University Archives  

All offices and departments should contact the University Archives in advance of transferring records. The University Archives reviews all submissions and decides whether the records should be retained in the Archives permanently for historical, legal, administrative, or financial reasons or if they are to be destroyed at that time or in the future. Upon consulting with the University Archives, offices are asked to provide an inventory of the material to be transferred and store material in appropriate boxes (standard office file boxes are described below). The transfer of electronic records are presently handled on a case by case basis.

After consulting with the University Archivist, offices and departments transferring permanent records may be asked to arrange the delivery of the material. Requests should be made to Facilities Management indicating that the movers must contact the University Archivist (757-221-3094) to set a delivery time. If your office is transferring a small amount of records not requiring the assistance of campus movers, also contact the University Archivist.

If you would like to request a transfer of records, please fill out the online Transfer Request Form or email the Special Collections Research Center to make arrangements


Records Inventory  

The Records Locator Inventory Form (RM-20) created by the Library of Virginia is available to assist your office as you inventory the records in your office and storage areas. Completion of this form is not required, but you may find it helpful if the records in your office have not been reviewed and maintained for several years.

Electronic Records

Offices should consult with the University Archives in matters related to the retention, transfer to archives, and disposition of electronic records. The Library of Virginia provides general electronic records guidelines including guidelines for databases, web content, email management, and more on the agency's website.