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HIST 491: Energy Transition and the Politics of Climate Change (Spring 2024)

What did I do wrong in these searches?

  1. I'm interested in ecocritical media affect public perception of climate change. Why are there so many results?
  2. I want materials about corporations refusing to embraced solar, and tried a Very specific search:  

    solar AND energy AND (resist* OR reluct* OR barrier*) AND (industr* OR compan* OR corporation*)   Why is this search getting so many [terrible] results?

  3. I asked Ebsco to find be articles with these parameters:  "paris agreement" AND climate AND ("national energy policies" OR "national energy policy")  why are there so many results?

  4. I tried an extremely basic search for "solar energy" AND "market barriers" in PRIMO and get pretty solid results. Why are the results so poor in another database, when I know keywords should work across platforms?