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HIST 491: Energy Transition and the Politics of Climate Change (Spring 2024)

Finding a book at Swem if you know the title

Example. If a citation leads you a book, article, or report,  copy the title into the library catalog search box.

Finding an article if you know the title

If you see a citation for an interesting article, or you find the article online but it's behind a paywall, search the title in the library catalog (link below). 

If it doesn't come up, try Academic Search Complete (also below). Each database is owned by a different company, and sometimes an article we do own will only show up in some of our databases. It is frustrating.  If you can't find an article anywhere, no worries: use ILL (see below).


Requesting a book or article we don't own

If you cannot find a book or article in our catalog or databases, request it via InterLibrary Loan (ILL).

ILL is free and gives you access to important resources we don't own.