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HIST 491: History and Memory in America and Europe (Spring, 2024)

Historiographic Essays

Finding Historiographic essays can be tricky, and there is no perfect way to do it. Below are some suggestions.

Historiographic Essays in Journals

In the top box, as a SUBJECT TERM, use the term: historiograph*

In the second box, type your topic (ex Women AND Education)

To narrow your results, limit publication date to the last ~20 years.

Historiographic Books and Chapters

Limiting the results to books and ebooks:

  • Search Historiograph*  as a subject in the first box
  • In the second box, search your topic. 
  • Limit to recent-ish books.

Historiography Essays in Handbooks

There are series of books that are JUST historiographic essays. They are excellent. Consider the following:


Dissertations are not considered published nor peer reviewed, so they don't really count for this assignment.

That said, the introduction paragraph of a dissertation is often an extremely detailed historiographical essays. You probably wouldn't want to use it as a source, but it is a good way to find an overview of your topic. 

Only use this as a source in a class with the Professor's permission.