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HIST 491: History and Memory in America and Europe (Spring, 2024)

Where to Start?

What types of primary sources do we have?

  • the layout of DC as a reflection of national narrative/memory
    • Congressional commission reports (L'Enfant plans,  McMillan Plan (Report of the Senate Park Commission. The Improvement of the Park System of the District of Columbia) , 
    • Newspaper coverage
    • personal papers and writings of designers, legislatures, others
  • the way the Crusades have been taken up into extreme right wing memory
    • newspaper coverage
    • websites and publications of groups
  • depictions of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and how that has been treated differently in the US and in Japan
    • books published during time period under examination. 
    • Personal narratives
    • novels, magazines, films, popular works
  • four films reflecting a child's-eye view of war
    • the films themselves
    • Reviews of the films
  • meanings of the Vendee uprisings in the French Revolution
    • writings from the period
    • personal narratives 
    • source books
    • depictions in later materials 
  • the Polish 'Ministry of Memory'
    • ministry records
    • minister publications
    • newspaper coverage
    • Critiques/support writings from scholars
  • Irelands 'industrial schools' run by the Catholic church
    • school commission records
    • church records
    • personal narratives
    • newspaper coverage

For my example

  • Reports from state education commissions
  • Newspaper coverage in Chronicling America
  • Government reports
  • depiction in fiction
  • depiction in other media (song, film, art)