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HIST 491: History and Memory in America and Europe (Spring, 2024)

But where did it end up?

One of the hardest -- and most fun -- parts of being a historian is finding primary sources. Not just identifying them, but actually figuring out who owns them. Knowing which archive owns the materials will help us decide where to look to find materials within our databases.

Some examples:

  • Where is the largest collection of James Joyce Materials?
  • Which three libraries have Thomas Jefferson's original library?
  • Where are the records of the German government held from WW2?
  • The archival holdings of the Byron Society of America?
  • There are 26 of the original 200 "Dunlap" Declarations of independence known to exist. Which library/university/archive owns the most (3)? 
  • The dissertation of Helen Magill While, first American woman to earn a PhD (Boston University, Greek, 1877)