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HIST 212: The Haitian Revolution (Spring 2024)

Readex Video

Introduction video prepared by Readex. It has no voice-over and is pretty basic, but the soundtrack is charming.

Class Walkthru

Basic Features:

  • Advanced search
  • Search fields
  • Date range
  • Locations
  • Publications

Sample Searches As Demos

  • Haiti*
  • "Haitian Revolution"
  • "Saint Domingue"  vs "Saint-Domingue"
  • insurrection AND negro*
    • limit to 1791-1804
  • insurrection NEAR15 slave*
    • limit to headline
  • insurrection NEAR15 negro* 
  • insurrection NEAR15 (negro* OR black*)
  • (insurrection OR massacre* OR revolt*) NEAR15 (negro* OR black*) 
    • Compare full text VS headline
  • Capefrancois VS Cape Francois VS cape NEAR1 francois VS (Capefrancois OR "cape francois")

Complex Searches

I want reactions of Virginians in Richmond to the revolution.

  • (insurrection OR massacre* OR revolt*) NEAR15 (negro* OR black* OR slave*)
  • (insurrection OR massacre* OR revolt*) NEAR15 (doming*)

I want views on restricting trade with with Haiti in 1804

  • trade NEAR15 (doming*) AND (restrict* OR unlawful)
  • trade AND (doming*) NEAR15 (restrict* OR unlawful)

I want articles suggesting St. Domingo will become a haven for runaway slaves

  • (dominica OR doming*) NEAR25 runaway*   

I want depictions of St. Domingo in NJ newspapers.

  •  Domingo [headline]

I want an article published in Richmond between 1800 and 1804 offering a reward for a runaway slave