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HIST 212: The Haitian Revolution (Spring 2024)

What is Readex?

  • Readex began as a Microfilm company that scanned historic newspapers onto plastic film for preservation and distribution.
  • Most of the newspapers in the early collection were held by The Library of Congress and the American Antiquarian Society. 
  • It has since partnered with numerous historical societies, libraries, and universities to expand the coverage.

Important note: Readex was meant as a microfilm company, not a database company. Most of the newspapers are scanned from microfilm,  or a scan of a scan. 

Why this matters: the Optical character recognition (OCR) isn't always great.

What's in AHN?

Our subscription to AHN includes the following modules:

Searching the main America's Historical Newspaper database (Below) will include all 7 modules.