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HIST 491C / LAS 450/ AMS 490 / Africana 406: Race and Racism in the Americas (Fall 2022)

Finding Articles

The Libraries have a LOT of e-journal subscriptions and hundreds of databases designed to help you find them. You can use PRIMO, the main catalog, to find interesting secondary sources (like articles!). For specialized  US history topics, you may want to try America: History and Life. Both work in a similar manner. 

NOTE: this is just a small listing of our databases. Full list of subject specific databases:


As noted earlier, databases each use the same keyword and subject system, so searching in the catalog will work in databases too. We can use the same searches as before to find articles.  Below are examples.

NOTE: you'll probably need to try these searches in multiple databases.


  • (Race OR racism) AND sororit*
    • Try searching in America: History & Life, ERIC, Education Research Complete
  • (enslaved OR slaves) AND smallpox AND "Southern Cone"
    • Try  Historical Abstracts, America: History & Life, PRIMO
    • Try Balmis-Salvany or Smallpox Expedition instead of southern cone
  •  ("socioeconomic inequality" OR "racial inequality") AND "higher education"
    • Try America: History & Life, ERIC, Education Research Complete, and Chronicle of higher education (search database list)
  • "Haitian Massacre" AND Dominican AND memory

    • Try America: History & Life, PRIMO

  • FBI AND surveillance AND "Martin Luther King"

    • Try America: History & Life, PRIMO, and ProQuest (search database list)

  • Diversity AND education AND "student mentoring"

    • Try ERIC, Education research complete, America: History & Life, and PRIMO

  • (Black OR "black bodies") AND ("grave robbing" OR "grave robbers") AND medical

    • Try America: History & Life, PRIMO

      • You might need to omit "medical" at first.

  • "Black Wall Street" AND Tulsa

    • Try America: History & Life, PRIMO

  • ("news coverage" OR "media coverage") AND Kaepernick AND (race OR racism) 

    • Try America: History & Life, PRIMO, and ProQuest