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HIST 491C / LAS 450/ AMS 490 / Africana 406: Race and Racism in the Americas (Spring 2024)

Let's take a few minutes to find materials in the catalog

Some of you will also be finding books, articles, newspapers, and other sources.

That's great! But for now let's focus on books.

Let's try to find 3 books for now.

Using good books to find more good books

Subject Headings

All materials in our catalog have Subject Headings, universal tags that are assigned by librarians to all books and articles.

If you can find the relevant subject headings for your topic, you can find nearly every book and article about your topic.

Example: My search for "higher education" AND diversity AND mentoring brings up this book:

The record suggests the subject:
"mentoring in education"

If we search "Mentoring in education" as a subject, along with the keywords diversity AND faculty, we get numerous results: