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GOVT 100: Politics of Protest

This guide includes suggested databases and resources that can be used to locate primary and secondary source materials you can use to research your video essay topic, as well as databases containing video and graphics you can include in your video.

Where to Start

This guide links to database and website recommendations to which will help you locate scholarship for your literature reviews, including:

  • Finding Tertiary Sources: Tertiary sources help you gather background information on your topic so you can refine your research question. This page includes Credo Reference as well as a selection of encyclopedias focused on protest, social movements and activism. 
  • Finding Scholarly Articles: Scholarly articles will make up the backbone of your research. This page includes the best databases for political science and related subject areas research. 
  • Finding Primary Sources: Need primary sources like images, diaries, government documents, speeches, interviews, etc? This page includes databases containing primary sources on topics related to protests and social movements. 
  • Finding Images, Video, and Graphical Content: Images, video, and other graphics are important inclusions in your video essay to talk about your protest case. This page provides links to databases and resources containing graphical content. 
  • Help with CitingLearn about the citation management tool, Zotero. Zotero can help you keep your research organized, as well as create in-text citations and bibliographies for your papers.