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Living Library at William & Mary Libraries

Find common ground through dialogue at the W&M Living Library, 3-7pm on March 22, 2024.

The 2024 Living Library event will take place March 22, 2024, 3-7pm in Swem Library. All are welcome!


What is a Living Library?

The Living Library concept borrows from traditions like NPR's The Moth Radio Hour, TEDx Talks, and the Human Library Organization's events sharing "human books." The goal of the Living Library at W&M is to foster connections, celebrate diversity, and allow attendees to find unity through the power of conversation and active listening. 

During the event, Storytellers are stationed throughout the space, ready to share their stories with a small group of attendees within a 20-minute time slot. Attendees are able to select which Storyteller they'd like to listen to based on the Storyteller-provided title and description of their story. On the hour and half-hour marks, Storytellers launch into their tales, while also allowing time for reflection, questions, and conversation within the given time period.

Then, Storytellers get a quick chance to rest before the process begins all over again. 

To ensure the best dialogue possible, and to ensure that stories are treated with the care they deserve, attendees and Storytellers are given ground rules for the event. Our hope is at all participants leave with a richer perspective on our community and our world, regardless of their mindset at the start of the event, and that Storytellers feel heard, affirmed, and respected.