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English Research Guide

This guide contains links to online databases and information about other resources for English and American Literature.


This English Subject Guide offers electronic database, printed and other web resources for research in English and American Literature.

Books on English and American Literature topics can be found by searching the library catalog. The majority of books on English and American Literature are found in the PR and PS call number ranges. See below for detailed lists. They are located on the 3rd floor.

If Swem Library does not own the title you are looking for, search in OCLC World Cat for libraries where it can be found and enter an Interlibrary Loan request for the title.

You can also try Google Books, a full-text database of books based on holdings in several major research libraries. Books under copyright will be available only in brief, snippet view.

Google Scholar , a multidisciplinary database of scholarly material may provide some useful full-text scholarship but coverage of academic literary titles is quite limited.

If you are having problems, please make a research appointment with a librarian

LC Class Breakdown for English Literature

The Library of Congress Classification System for English Literature is organized as follows:

PR 1-56               Eng. Lit. History & Criticism

PR 57-78             Eng. Lit. Criticism

PR 111-116          Eng. Lit. Women Authors

PR 125-138          Eng. Lit.  Relations to Other Countries

PR 171-236          Eng. Lit. Anglo-Saxon Through 1066

PR 251-369          Eng. Lit. Medieval. Middle English 1066-1500

PR 401-488          Eng. Lit. Modern

PR 421-429          Eng. Lit.   Elizabethan era 1550-1640

PR 431-439          Eng. Lit.   17th Century

PR 441-449          Eng. Lit.   18th Century

PR 451-469          Eng. Lit.   19th Century

PR 471-479          Eng. Lit.   20th Century

PR 481-488          Eng. Lit.   21st Century

PR 500-614          Eng. Lit. Poetry

PR 621-744          Eng. Lit. Drama

PR 750-890          Eng. Lit. Prose

PR 821-890          Eng. Lit. Prose Fiction.  The Novel

PR 901-907          Eng. Lit. Oratory

PR 908-928          Eng. Lit. Diaries, Letters, Essays

PR 931-938          Eng. LIt. Wit & Humor

PR 951-981          Eng. Lit. Folk Literature

PR 1098-1369       Eng. Lit. Collections of English Literature

PR 1490-1799       Eng. Lit. Anglo-Saxon Literature

PR 1803-2165       Eng. Lit. Anglo-Norman Period  Early English, Middle English

PR 2199-3195       Eng. Lit. English Renaissance 1500-1640

PR 3291-3785       Eng. Lit. 17th & 18th Centuries 1640-1770

PR 3991-5990       Eng. Lit. 19th Century

PR 6000-6049       Eng. Lit. 1900-1960

PR 6050-6076       Eng. Lit. 1961-2000

PR 6100-6126       Eng. Lit. 2001-

PR 8309-9680       Eng. Lit. Provincial: Provincial, Local, etc.


LC Class Breakdown for American Literature

The Library of Congress Classification System for American Literature is organized as follows:

PS                       Amer. Lit.

PS 126-138           Amer. Lit. Biography, Memoirs, Letters, etc.

PS 147-152           Amer. Lit. Women Authors

PS 163-173           Amer. Lit. Treatment of Special Subjects, Classes

PS 185-195           Amer. Lit. 17-18th Centuries

PS 201-217           Amer. Lit. 19th Century

PS 221-228           Amer. Lit. 20th Century

PS 229-231           Amer. Lit. 21st Century

PS 241-286           Amer. Lit. Special Regions, States etc.

PS 241-255           Amer. Lit. North

PS 261-267           Amer. Lit. South

PS 271-285           Amer. Lit. West & Central

PS 301-326           Amer. Lit. Poetry

PS 330-353           Amer. Lit. Drama

PS 360-380           Amer. Lit. Prose

PS 400-408           Amer. Lit. Oratory

PS 409                 Amer. Lit. Diaries

PS 410-419           Amer. Lit. Letters

PS 420-429           Amer. Lit. Essays

PS 430-439           Amer. Lit. Wit & Humor, Satire

PS 451-478           Amer. Lit. Folk Literature

PS 501-689           Amer. Lit. Collections of American Literature

PS 700-3576         Amer. Lit. Individual Authors

PS 700-893           Amer. Lit. Colonial Period, 17th & 18th Centuries

PS 991-3390         Amer. Lit. 19th Century

PS 3500-3549       Amer. Lit. 1900-1960

PS 3550-3576       Amer. Lit. 1961-2000

PS 3600-3626       Amer. Lit. 2001-

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