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French & Francophone Studies Resources: Call Numbers

A guide to resources in French & Francophone language, literature, and culture.

Call Numbers for French Language & Literature

All found on Swem's 3rd floor

PC 2001-3761



PC 2700-3708


French--Dialects.  Provincialisms

PC 2813-2898


French--Dialects.  Provincialisms--Old French

PC 3201-3366


French--Dialects.  Provincialisms--Provencal (Old)

PC 3371-3420.5


French--Dialects.  Provincialisms--Modern patois of South France

PC 3420.8-3495


French--Dialects.  Provincialisms--Langue d'oc dialects

PC 3721-3761


French--Slang.  Argot

PQ 1-3999


French literature

PQ 1-771


French literature--History and criticism

PQ 1-150


French literature--History and criticism--General

PQ 151-221


French literature--History and criticism--Medieval.  Old French

PQ 226-317


French literature--History and criticism--Modern

PQ 400-491


French literature--History and criticism--Poetry

PQ 500-591


French literature--History and criticism--Drama

PQ 601-771


French literature--History and criticism--Prose and prose fiction

PQ 781-841


French literature--History and criticism--Folk literature

PQ 845


French literature--Juvenile literature

PQ 1100-1297


French literature--Collections

PQ 1100-1145


French literature--Collections--General

PQ 1160-1193


French literature--Collections--Poetry

PQ 1211-1241


French literature--Collections--Drama

PQ 1243-1297


French literature--Collections--Prose

PQ 1300-1595


French literature--Old French literature to ca. 1500/1550

PQ 1300-1391


French literature--Old French literature to ca. 1500/1550--Collections; Individual authors and works

PQ 1411-1545


French literature--Old French literature to ca. 1500/1550--Collections; Individual authors and works--To 1350/1400

PQ 1551-1595


French literature--Old French literature to ca. 1500/1550--Collections; Individual authors and works--(14th-) 15th century (to ca. 1525)

PQ 1600-2726


French literature--Modern literature



French literature--Modern literature--Individual authors

PQ 1600-1709


French literature--Modern literature--Individual authors--16th century

PQ 1710-1935


French literature--Modern literature--Individual authors--17th century

PQ 1947-2147


French literature--Modern literature--Individual authors--18th century

PQ 2149-2551


French literature--Modern literature--Individual authors--19th century

PQ 2600-2651


French literature--Modern literature--Individual authors--1900-1960

PQ 2660-2686


French literature--Modern literature--Individual authors--1961-2000

PQ 2700-2726


French literature--Modern literature--Individual authors--2001-

PQ 3800-3999


French literature--Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

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