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American Religious History Resources in the Special Collections Research Center

This is a guide to religious organization records, papers of religious leaders, laypeople's diaries, religious periodicals, and other items in the Special Collections Research Center which can be used to study American religious history.

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Periodicals in the SCRC

The SCRC has print copies of many religious publications from the nineteenth and twentieth century.  There are electronic versions of some of them available through Swem's catalog, often including additional years that the SCRC does not have in print.  Below are some of the titles for which Swem has print copies.  Keep in mind that the titles may have varied somewhat from what is listed here, as magazines often changed title.

American Baptist Magazine (Boston), 1821, 1826, 1828-1829, 1831-1834

Apostolic Advocate and Prophetic Interpreter (Richmond, Christadelphians), 1834-1837

Baptist Missionary Magazine (Boston), 1836

Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal (Foochow, Chiina), 1868-1912 (many American missionaries included)

Christian Examiner (Boston, Unitarian), 1846-1849, 1857-1869

Christian Family Annual (New York), 1842, 1844-1846, 1848-1849

Christian Monitor (Richmond), 1815-1817

Christian Visitant (Albany), 1815-1816

Christian's, Scholar's and Farmer's Magazine (Elizabeth-Town, NJ), 1789-1790

Church Eclectic (Utica, Episcopalian), 1873-1875, 1877-1883

Churchman's Monthly Magazine (New York, Episcopalian), 1857-1861

Evangelical and Literary Magazine (Richmond), 1821-1827

Evangelical Intelligencer (Philadelphia, Presbyterian), 1805-1809

Evangelical Magazine (Utica, Universalist), 1829, 1831-1833, 1835-1840, 1843-1844

Evergreen, or Monthly Church Magazine (New York, Episcopalian), 1844-1847

Glad Tidings and Ohio Universalist (Pittsburgh), 1837-1838

Gospel Herald (New York, Evangelical Association), 1820-1821

Guardian, or Youth's Religious Instructor (New Haven), 1822

Halcyon Luminary, and Theological Repository (New York), 1812

Methodist Magazine and Quarterly Review (New York), 1818-1828, 1852

Missionary Herald (Boston, Congregational), 1823, 1827-1828, 1831-1839, 1842-1859

Panopolist and Missionary Magazine (Boston, Congregational), 1804-1808, 1812-1813

Philadelphia Universalist Magazine and Christian Messenger, 1821-1823

Protestant Magazine (New York, Anti-Catholic), 1833-1834

Religious Magazine (Boston), 1833-1836

Spirit of the Pilgrims (Boston, Congregationalist), 1828, 1831-1833

Theological Magazine (New York), 1795

Trumpet and Universalist Magazine (Boston), 1858-1859

Unitarian Miscellany and Christian Monitor (Baltimore), 1821-1824

United States Catholic Miscellany (Charleston, SC), 1824

Universalist Magazine (Boston), 1819-1826

Utica Evangelical Magazine (Universalist), 1828-1829

Virginia Evangelical and Literary Magazine (Richmond), 1818-1820

Washington Theological Repertory (Washington, Protestant Episcopalian), 1820-1821

Western Messenger (Louisville, Unitarian), 1835-1841

Young Christian (New York, Universalist), 1851-1858




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