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Williamsburg - Related Collections in the Special Collections Research Center

The Special Collections Research Center in Swem Library has extensive holdings of manuscripts and rare books about Williamsburg, Virginia. This guide describes the bulk of those manuscripts and archives holdings, although it is not a comprehensive list.

Collections in the Special Collections Research Center

Anne T. Chapman Papers: Chapman (1868-1954) was librarian of the Williamsburg Public Library, 1910-1942, and active in many civic organizations.  The collection includes a cookbook created by a committee of Williamsburg women. (Mss 65 C37)

Carlton Casey Papers and Postcard CollectionCasey ( -1999) was a doctor and civic leader who also avidly collected postcards of the area. (Mss. Acc 1999.48)

Coleman-Wilson Papers, 1775-1989: Mostly letters from Mary Coleman (1875-1967) in Williamsburg to her friend Julia Tyler Wilson in Charlottesville, full of details about local happenings. (Mss 96 C67)

Cotesworth P. Lewis Papers, 1938-1995: Pastor of Bruton Parish who gave a controversial sermon critical of the Vietnam War in front of President Johnson. (Mss Acc. 1997.26)

Dora and Cara Armistead Papers, 1880-1950: Sisters who ran a boarding house in Williamsburg, also papers of relatives active in Democratic politics and civic affairs. (Mss Acc. No. 2006.54)

Galt Papers, 1745-1991: Huge collection of papers of family that ran the Eastern Lunatic Asylum for more than a century; includes papers of Mary Jeffery Galt, a prominent late 19th- and early 20th century preservationist. (Mss 78 G13)

J. Luther Kibler Papers: Kibler (1867-1953) documented Virginia and Williamsburg history and was secretary of the Socialist Party in Virginia. (Mss 65 K53)

James City County Oral History Collection

James Luther Kibler Scrapbooks: 14 volumes of scrapbooks, 1920-1940, largely newspaper clippings relating to Williamsburg, along with some handwritten and typed notes. (Mss MsV Ad94-97)

Rosa Maria and James A. Fuller Papers, 1948-1989: Rosa was a first-grade teacher at Matthew Whaley School and James worked for Colonial Williamsburg and led a Boy Scout troop. (Mss Acc. 2001.30)

Thomas E. Pugh Papers: Baptist minister in mid-20th century Williamsburg active in community, 500 sermons, correspondence, etc. (MS 00005)

Tyler Family Papers, 1868-1951: Includes the papers of Lyon G. Tyler, who was president of William and Mary, 1888-1915, and active in Williamsburg affairs. (Mss 65 T97, Group B)

Coleman-Wilson Papers: Mary Coleman, wife of Williamsburg mayor George Coleman, wrote frequently to her dear friend Julia Tyler Wilson, during the war, commenting on the war and providing news of friends and relatives’ military service and events in Williamsburg, such as the 1945 escape of German POWs from Camp Peary.

Herman Recht Papers: Recht was stationed outside of Williamsburg for much of the war and wrote his wife virtually every day. An inventory is available in the SCRC (Mss 2001.36).

John Lesslie Hall Papers: The son of a William and Mary professor, Admiral John Lesslie Hall, Jr. served in major campaigns throughout World War II. The collection includes material relating to Operations Torch, Big Husky, Avalanche, Neptune/Overlord, as well as his work with the USO, the Naval War College, the Army War College, and the Armed Forces Staff College. There is an inventory available in the SCRC (Mss 78 H14).

Johnson Family Papers: This collection includes letters written by Robert Johnson (William and Mary Class of 1933) to his parents in Williamsburg during World War II (Mss 1998.33)

Margetta Hirsch Doyle Papers: This collection includes diaries, class notes, photos, and an “Aircraft Warning Service” armband (UA 5.005).

University Archives Oral History Collection: The University Archives has transcripts of numerous oral history interviews.

Robb-Bernard Family Papers:  (Mss 65 R54).

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, 1941-1945: Compiled by Miss Margaret Goodwin, these clippings concern the involvement of W&M students, faculty, and alumni in World War II (University Archives Bound Volume Collection, No. 32).

S. F. (Bill) Royall Papers: This includes photocopies of 16 letters from Lt. Ellsworth Ayers, Jr., to Bill Royall in Williamsburg (Mss 2000.56).

Tucker-Coleman Papers: (Mss Acc. No.1984.16).

Wartime Memory Collection (WWII): In 1995, the Alumni Magazine sent surveys to alumni asking for information about their experiences during the Second World War. Their responses are typically 1-4 pages and provide a very personal view of the conflict (UA 66).

Some newspaper clippings or other information on the experiences of individual members of the William and Mary community may be found under the names of individuals in the University Archives Faculty-Alumni File Collection.