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This guide is a collection of materials that will be useful when doing education research at the College of William & Mary.

College of William & Mary Libraries Catalog Search


You can use the library catalog to find out whether William & Mary Libraries have books, videos, government documents, microforms, etc. about your topic.  You can also search by title or author if you are looking for something specific.  Select "Journals" under the "Material Type" option in the Advanced Search to find out if William & Mary Libraries have a specific newspaper, magazine, or scholarly journal that you want.

When performing a keyword search, take a moment to consider the best keyword or combination of keywords for your topic.  You may have to try more than one combination to get thorough results.  See example searches below.

  • assessment AND instruction -- This will find catalog records that have BOTH of these terms in them.
  • 'financial aid' AND (college OR university) -- This will search for the phrase "financial aid" in the same record as EITHER the term "college" OR the term "university.
  • policy* AND implement* --This will search for catalog records containing any terms with 'policy' and 'implement' as their root words.  The search results must contain forms of BOTH terms.


Multi-library catalogs