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Virtual Book Display

Are you missing our traditional book displays celebrating the people and communities of W&M? Have no worries - we've moved them online!

Want to see more titles?

Check out the following resources:

  • Latinx Zines: This guide provides a list of self-published rare books (known as zines) in Special Collections created by Latinx artists.
  • Afro-Latinx Experiences: A list of books available at W&M Libraries about the Afro-Latinx experience, including memoirs, biographies and fiction (from the Antiracist Bookshelf).


A big thank you to Steve Runge at Boston College for sharing this virtual book display design. 

Celebrating Latinx (Hispanic) Heritage Month

There's controversy over the name Hispanic Heritage Month and whether it truly represents the diverse people and cultures it is intended to celebrate. There is even debate over whether it should be Latino, Latinx or Latine. Either way, the sentiment of Hispanic Heritage Month should be to celebrate the culture of millions of Latinx people living in the United States and who embody the American experience. No matter how you identify, we want to create a space to celebrate the contributions of the Latinx community. The titles in this collection represent just a small snapshot of important works by Latinx authors. We hope they can create and continue conversations around the struggles and triumphs of Latinx people. Enjoy!

Just Added to W&M Libraries

Latinx Heritage Month Books