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Physics Toolbox

Databases and Indexes

Users of Swem Library have electronic access to over 300 journals and magazines of interest to physicists (see the list of physical science and math journal titles).

Databases aggregate information from many journals, and may include information on articles that are not available electronically or through Swem's website. If you cannot access a journal electronically through a database, try using the library catalog to find it. If Swem doesn't have the journal, you may request it through InterLibrary Loan.

These databases are available through Swem to the William and Mary community.

Free Search Databases

Pre-Prints are articles that have not completely gone through peer review. In some cases, the articles will complete the review and be published in a journal. In other cases, they will not - sometimes for good reason. It is important to thorougly evaluate any pre-print article you find to be of interest.

Each of these databases may be accessed without a W&M account.

Open Access Databases

Though you do not need a W&M account to search these databases, in some cases you will need an account to view the full article.