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Neuroscience: START HERE!

Guide to finding research sources for neuroscience papers and projects.

Neuroscience Research Guide

Welcome to Swem Library's Neuroscience Research Guide!

This guide will help you find resources for your research papers and projects. 

Your Number 1 resource is Swem Library's Research Department, with friendly and helpful librarians ready to teach you "critical thinking" skills in order to:

  • identify and select the best databases
  • design sophisticated search strategies
  • analyze resources for useability and applicability
  • assess and revise search strategies
  • select the most relevant resources
  • find and use those resources, including borrowing from other libraries and citing your sources.

Please click on the other tabs in this research guide to discover recommended ways to find journal articles, books, and other resources.

Contact the Neuroscience liaison (information is in the box to the right) or the Research Department (    757-221-3067) for assistance.  More information is at


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