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Immigrant Asylum Research

Resources to support W&M Law School students researching complex asylum cases.


Welcome to the Immigrant Asylum Research guide. This guide provides sources for research as well as guidance and best practices for locating sources related to asylum cases and country information. 

Use the left sidebar tabs to navigate. Here's what you'll find on each page:

News Publications: news that is either freely accessible to W&M affiliates through W&M Library subscriptions, archived in news aggregation databases, or available at a "freemium" - that is, free to a point.

Research Journal Databases: databases that provide access to scholarly journals in various disciplines, from law to gender studies to international relations.

Government and International Body Documents: websites and publications created by governments or other international governing bodies like the United Nations. 

Organization Websites: sites created by nongovernmental organizations, think tanks, or academic institutions. 

Guides and Advice: contains both specific instructions for using various tools and more general advice on conducting research effectively. 

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