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HIST 490/EURS 470: Decolonization

The HIST 490/EURS 470: Decolonization guide contains recommendations for secondary and primary source databases and related resources.

Begin Your Research

Use the HIST 490/EURS 470: Decolonization guide to locate library databases, books, journals, and web sources to help you locate primary and secondary sources for your research papers.

  • Reference Resources: Use reference materials like encyclopedias to learn more about events and people, and bibliographies to identify scholars, publications, and primary sources on topics relevant to your research. 
  • Newspapers: A selection of historical newspapers from around the world.
  • Primary Source Databases: Manuscripts, images, personal narratives, and other primary sources about the Cold War, as well as the culture, politics and economics of the time.
  • Secondary Source Databases: Find scholarly articles and book reviews on your topic from library databases.
  • Open Digital Archives: Images, videos, personal narratives, maps, manuscripts and other documents made freely available online from archives around the world focused on the Cold War and related topics.
  • Government Documents & Treaties: Government documents, including declassified reports and memos, treaties, hearings, reports and more from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
  • Help with Citing: Information on using Zotero for in-text citing and creating bibliographies.