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CSCI 668: Reliability



This guide was created to help you do research for your CSCI 668 course. Here you'll find databases and search strategies for your literature review. If you're having any trouble finding what you're looking for, you can make a research appointment with myself or any research librarian, chat us, come up to the desk and ask a question, or send us an email

Ways to Search

  1. KEYWORD.  Try different and related terms:  reliability AND engineering, "survival analysis", "failure time data analysis" 
  2. AUTHOR.  Researchers tend to specialize, so look for other articles written by an author whose article you found useful. In resources like Google Scholar and Scopus, you can look for author profiles
  3. SUBJECT HEADING.  See what words the indexer used to categorize a useful article; click or re-search by that category to find other articles that have been similarly tagged.  
  4. CITATIONS.  Look at the bibliography of a scholarly article and find the sources it used. Recent review articles (especially systematic reviews) are great sources to get a sense of the state of the art on a topic and to mine for more articles. 
  5. CITED BY. Use Scopus or Google Scholar to see more recent articles that have cited a useful source. If those authors found it useful too, you might like the authors' article.

Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students (video)

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