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Natural Resources and Agriculture Sources in the Special Collections Research Center

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  • Tobacco--Southern States--History--18th century
  • Tobacco--Virginia--History--18th century
  • Tobacco--Virginia--History--19th century
  • Tobacco
  • Tobacco farmers--Virginia
  • Tobacco industry--Virginia--Richmond
  • Tobacco industry
  • Tobacconists--Richmond (Va.)--History--19th century

Artifacts & Ephemera

The following is a partial list of artifacts and ephemera related to tobacco in the Special Collections Research Center. As the collection is constantly growing, researchers are encouraged to also search the SCRC Collections Database forthe most up to date information (see the box at left).

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Personal Papers and Organizational Records

Rare Books

Below are selected items from the SCRC's Rare Books collection while additional books may be found by searching Swem Library's catalog. Please keep in mind that the general collections of Swem Library also support research in this subject area, including newspapers, magazines, government documents, published memoirs, etc. The image at right is tobacco houses from the book An Historical and practical essay on the culture and commerce of tobacco by William Tatham (call number: Rare Books SB 374 .T21).

Tobacco houses from the book Tobacco by William Tatham (call number: Rare Books SB 374 .T21)














The Commercial and tobacco leaf, by R.B. Witter 1875; Swem Library Rare Books ANA47 .R52 C65

Bristol merchants, shipwrights, shipscarpenters, sailmakers, anchorsmiths, seamen, tobacco-cutters, tobacco-rollers, tobacconists, tobacco pipe-makers. A transcript chronologically arranged, from the Bristol Burgess Books: 1607-1700, by Norman C.P. Tyack; Swem Library Rare Books DA690 .B8 T9

Teatro de las grandezas de la villa de Madrid, corte de los reyes catolicos de España. Al muy poderoso señor rey don Filipe IIII, by Gil González Dávila approximately 1578-1658; DP354 .G6 1623

Tobacco in colonial Virginia; the sovereign remedy, by G. Melvin Herndon; Swem Library Rare Books F229 .S93

Nueua prematica de reformacion, contra los abusos de los afeytes, calçado, guedejas, guardainfantes, lenguaje critico, moños, trajes: y excesso en el uso del tabaco: fundada en la divina escritura: y dotrina en los santos padres, para todos estados necessaria ... by Tomás Ramon 1570?-1634; Swem Library Rare Books GT509 .R3 1635

Tobacco in song and story, by John Bain 1861-1938; Swem Library Rare Books GT3020 .B3 1896

Tobacco leaves, by John Bain 1861-1938; Swem Library Rare Books GT3020 .B35 1903

Le tabac, by S. Blondel (spire) 1836-1900; Swem Library Rare Books GT3020 .B54

A paper:--of tobacco : treating of the rise, progress, pleasures, and advantages of smoking : with anecdotes of distinguished smokers, mems. on pipes and tobacco-boxes, and a tritical essay on snuff, by William Andrew Chatto 1799-1864; Swem Library Rare Books GT3020 .C45 1839a

La santa yerba, preluded by a few choice mottoes from lovers of the Indian weed from the time of Sir Walter Raleigh to the present day [poems], by William Lukens Shoemaker, 1822-; Swem Library Rare Books GT3020 .S5

The Southern states, embracing a series of papers condensed from the earlier volumes of De Bow's Review, upon the culture and manufacture of sugar,tobacco, etc., together with historical and statistical sketches of several of the Southern and South-western states; their agriculture, commerce, etc., by J.D.B. De Bow, 1820-1867; Swem Library Rare Books HC105 .D28 1856a

The genuine thoughts of a merchant shewing, that in all the libels, remonstrances, and pretended letters against a new method of levying the duties on tobacco and wine, there is not so much as one word worth answering, London : Printed for J. Roberts 1732-1733; Swem Library Rare Books HD9130.8 G36 1733

The tobacco night riders of Kentucky and Tennessee, 1905-1909, by James O. Nall; Swem Library Rare Books HD9135 .N3

Tobacco regulation in colonial Maryland, by Vertrees Judson Wyckoff; Swem Library Rare Books HD9137 .M3 W9

"Sold American!" The first fifty years [1904-1954., by the American Tobacco Company; Swem Library Rare Books HD9139 .A7 A43

The budget opened. Or, An answer to a pamphlet. Intitled, a letter from a member of Parliament to his friends in the country, concerning the duties on wine and tobacco., by William Pulteney, Earl of Bath, 1684-1764; Swem Library Rare Books HJ5118 .A7 1733d

A letter from a member of Parliament to his friends in the country, concerning the duties on wine and tobacco., by Robert Walpole, Earl of Oxford, 1676-1745; Swem Library Rare Books HJ5118 .A7 1733

A vindication of the conduct of the ministry, in the scheme of the excise on wine and tobacco, proposed last sessions of Parliament: with a general examination of the reasons which determined the said ministry to it; the consequences and events it would have had, London : Printed for J. Roberts 1734; Swem Library Rare Books HJ5118 .V5

An essay on temperance, addressed particularly to students, and the young men of America, by Edward Hitchcock 1793-1864; Swem Library Rare Books HV5295 .H5 1830

The devil's seed corn, by S.L.C. Coward; Swem Library Rare Books HV5735 .C69 1904

Disputatio philosophica, quaestionem, num herbae nicotianae usus, levis notae maculam contrahat? Tractans, quam deo favente et incluti philosophorum ordinin indultu, publicae dubitantium censurae, by Johann Christian Keyl; Swem Library Rare Books HV5735 .K4

A bill for repealing several subsidies and an impost now payable on tobacco of the British plantations : and for granting an inland duty in lieu thereof, by Great Britain. Parliament; Swem Library Rare Books KD2475 .T6 A25 1733

Iets voor allen, zynde een verhandeling en verbeelding van allerhande standen, studien, konsten, weetenschappen, handwerken, enz. Waar in derzelver oorspronk, opkomst, aart, eigenschappen, deugden en ondeugden op een geestige wyze beschreven werden. Zamengestelt en doorgaans met vreemde geschiedenissen, zinryke zinnebeelden, en zeldzame gedachten doormengt., by Abraham a Sancta Clara, 1644-1709; Swem Library Rare Books PT1703 .I4

An essay on tobacco, comprising a brief history of that plant, and a view of its effects on the human constitution, when employed as an article of luxury. Delivered as a lecture before the New-York anti-tobacco society., by J. Smyth Rogers (John Smyth), 1794-1851; Swem Library Rare Books RC371 .T6 R7

Io: Chrysostomi Magneni ... Exercitationes de tabaco ..., by Jean Chrysostôme Magnen; Swem Library Rare Books RM666 .T6 M2

Hymnus tabaci, by Raphael Thorius; Swem Library Rare Books RM666 .T6 N28

Tabacologia: hoc est, Tabaci, seu nicotianae descripto medico-cheirurgico-pharmaceutica vel ejus praeparatio et usus in omnibus corporis humani incommodis; una cum varys tabacum adulterandi rationibus, & accurata signorum, quibus ejus bonitas dignosci potest, annotatione, per Iohannem Neandrum ..., by Johann Neander; Swem Library Rare Books RM666 .T6 N28

Il tabacco, opera di d. Benedetto Stella ... nella quale si tratta dell' origine, historia, coltura, preparatione, qualità, natura, virt`u, & uso in fumo, in polvere, in lambitivo, et in medicina della pianta volgarmente detta tabacco ..., by Benedetto Stella; Swem Library Rare Books SB273 .S83

With the poets in smokeland., Richmond, Va. : Allen & Ginter; Swem Library Rare Books SB273 .W5

Tobacco; a catalogue of the books, manuscripts, and engravings acquired since 1942 in the Arents Tobacco Collection at the New York Public Library, from 1507 to the present., by Arents Tobacco Collection; Swem Library Rare Book - Folio Z7882 .N4