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Hispanic Studies

Call Numbers

If you want to browse the stacks, these call number ranges will be useful:

Call numbers for history:

Spain: DP 1-402

Mexico: F 1201-1392

Latin America (general): F 1401-1419

Central America: F 1421-1577

West Indies: F 1601-2183

South America (general): F 2201-2239

Colombia: F 2251-2299

Venezuela: F 2301-2349

Guuianas, Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana: F 2351-2471

Brazil: F 2501-2650

Paraguay: F 2661-2699

Uruguay: F 2701-2799

Argentina: F 2801-3021

Chile: F 3051-3285

Bolivia: F 3301-3359

Peru: F 3401-3619

Ecuador: F 3701-3799


Call numbers for language and literature:

Spain: PQ 6001-8929

Spanish America: PQ 7081-8560

Swem Catalog Search

Use the library catalog to search for books.

You can also do a quick search here:

Search for: in

Sample Basic Searches:

Title Enter title without beginning "A", "An", "The"
Enter last name, then first (e.g. Einstein, Albert)

Good for starting a search for books on a topic; then use
subject headings on relevant records to find more.

Subject Tricky! Need to know Library of Congress subject headings.


To find books written in Spanish, click on "advanced search" from the library catalog page and select "Spanish" under the language menu.

This page has more tips on searching our catalog.

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