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HIST 121: United States History to 1877 (Becker, Spring 2024)

What are the Parts of an Article's Database Record?

Suppose you search in America: History and Life and find a potentially interesting article. Is it worth reading? 
Looking at the article's entry in the database tells you a lot. The record will tell you:

  • Who wrote the article
  • when it was written
  • the major subjects it covers
  • where it was published
  • how to access it at Swem
  • What it's about


What are the parts of an article?

Academic articles are written in a very specific manner.  
Articles will include an introduction, review of the topic, analysis of information, conclusion, and work cited section. 
As a researcher, each of these sections are important to you because they: summarize the field, provide new information, offer a new interpretation of the topic, then provide a list of other sources to consult.