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HIST 121: United States History to 1877 (Becker, Spring 2024)

Finding Book Reviews Using the Catalog

  • To find book reviews, search the title of the book in the main library catalog.
  • When the results come up, select "Reviews" under "material type" on the left.
  • It helps to search the title in quotation marks. Add the author's last name with an AND to narrow results further 
    • Example "Soul by Soul"  AND Johnson

NOTE: The catalog will include book reviews in JSTOR, ProjectMuse, and other e-journal databases. Searching here saves you time because it searches them all at the same time!

Book Reviews written by Historians

To find a book review written specifically by a historian, use America: History & Life.

  • Search the title of the book.
  • do NOT "exclude book reviews"
  • NOTE: sometimes the book review will not have the name of the book in the title.
    • Example: Jan Elle Lewis reviews Soul By Soul in review essay called "Slavery on the Market," so be sure to read the review abstract.

Other Review Sources

If you can't find book reviews in PRIMO or A:HL, try Book Review Index. 

I suggest trying Prim & AHL first.