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Finding Full Text Sources

Search for Full text within our Library Databases

W&M Libraries subscribes to hundreds of databases which you can search by database name, subject or type. Finding the right database can help you search for highly relevant full text journal articles, books, documents and much more.  To start, you'll need to select a database. If you know the name of a database that you want to try, enter it in the search box, otherwise, select from SUBJECT or TYPE.


Here’s a snapshot of the partial screen that you retrieve after selecting Academic Search Complete.  Under the “Search Options” you can limit your results to Full text”. Add your search terms and you’ll be on your way to accessing full text. —Don’t forget to select your document type! 


From your results, any of the following will lead you to full text.  Not all databases are the same, so the link title might be a little different.                            


In some databases, you'll see the  "Findit@Wm" linkundefined

FindIt@WM ​is basically telling you, “Sorry, this item isn’t available in ​

full text ​ in ​this database, but click here to see if it’s available in full text in any 

of William & Mary’s many ​other resources.

4.7 FindIt@WM
In some databases you'll see the ​
FindIt@WM link
 displayed. ​
basically telling you, “Sorry, this item isn’t available in ​
full text
 in ​
database, but click here to see if it’s available in full text in any of William &
Mary’s many ​