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AFST 150: Black Speculative Arts & African Religious Imagination

What is a database?

The library databases contain journal articles and other scholarly information, as well as magazines, newspaper articles, and non-scholarly info.

Sometimes a database will contain the entire journal article, and sometimes it will only contain an abstract. Databases are searchable by subject, keyword, author, and more. They can be seen as the tool that you use to search and access scholarly publications, such as peer-reviewed journal articles. 

Best Bets

Really, your best bet for finding articles about your creator is to decide where researchers of that author/musician/artist/filmmaker will likely be writing. Swem Library databases, linked below, are organized by category, usually aligning by discipline. You might also find valuable information in our Multidisciplinary databases - like Academic Search Complete, also below.

Constructing a good search

Not finding anything?