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SOCL 352: Research Design

Camille Andrews

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Camille Andrews

Where to Start

This guide links to database and website recommendations to which will help you locate scholarship for your research proposal, including:

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  • Finding Scholarly Articles: Scholarly articles will make up the backbone of your annotated bibliographies. This page includes the best databases for research in sociology and related subject areas. 
  • Finding Data and Other Primary Sources: If your looking for original datasets, census data, or other primary sources, this page includes some excellent options.
  • What is a Literature Review: A short overview of literature reviews - their purpose, what they contain and how they are organized. Need a refresher? Check out this page.

If you're having any trouble finding what you're looking for, you can make a research appointment with a research librarian, chat us, come up to the desk and ask a question, or send us an email