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Zines in Special Collections

A guide to zines—self-published works, released in small editions

Zines purchased at Richmond Zine Fest What are zines?

“Zines tend to be handmade paper publications with small print runs, are sold at or slightly above cost, and are intentionally nonprofessional. Authors write, edit, and publish the material themselves, which makes the material unique and personal to the author” (Hays, 2019, p. 61). More information at

“Zines are usually created with the intention not to profit monetarily but to share one’s thoughts, feelings, creativity, experience, and/or knowledge with others. Zines are part of a DIY (do it yourself) culture which often includes people from marginalized communities or those who don’t have access to more mainstream publishing options.” (Intro to Zines, n.d., para. 1). More information at

Code of Ethics