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Research Paper Writing & Citation Guide: REFWORKS

A guide to writing research papers and the main bibliographic styles, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, ASA, etc.

What's New with New RefWorks?

Aside from having a new, streamlined look, the new (2019) RefWorks platform provides greater functionality for researchers, including

  • Sharing references, notes, and folders among collaborators
  • Highlighting and annotating of documents within the platform
  • One-click save of web pages, and drag-and-drop save of PDFs with automated citation recognition
  • Unlimited storage

Questions about New RefWorks?

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Create or log into your RefWorks account.

You may need to select the blue "Use login from my institution" button, then search for William & Mary. 

Getting Started with New RefWorks

Key features (those with a star are new as of the new platform)

Adding sources to RefWorks
Organizing sources
Working with sources
Writing with sources

For a comprehensive overview of RefWorks, visit the RefWorks user guide or watch the Getting Started with New RefWorks videos on Youtube. 

Existing Users: Transferring from Legacy RefWorks

If you have an existing RefWorks Legacy account, you can easily transfer your references to the new platform by doing the following:
  1. Log into your RefWorks Legacy account. 

  2. Click the NEW: Move to the newest version of RefWorks from ProQuest link at the top of the page.

  3. Create a new account using your W&M email address, or log in with your existing New RefWorks account if you've previously created one. You'll be shown a few screens to set up your account and introduce you to some basic features.

  4. Your references will automatically begin importing.

If for some reason your import gets interrupted, you may also go to Add → Import references → RefWorks button in New RefWorks to restart the process. 

Note: the folders used to organize your references in RefWorks Legacy should also transfer over with the references.