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A guide to our stitching machines

Stitching in the Swem Makerspace

The Makerspaces at William & Mary are pleased to offer a Brother PE770 embroidery machine in the Swem Makerspace for use by all current students, staff, and faculty.

Using an embroidery machine is a fun, engaging, and creative experience.

To ensure that our embroidery machine and patrons stay happy, the Swem Makerspace requires that all patrons who wish to schedule time with the stitching machines agree to our common sense safety policies. 

For more information, contact Ashley Gonzales

Find or Create an Image to Embroider

STEP 1: Find an Image or Create a Graphic to Embroider

Where do you find a graphic or image to embroider?

Use your favorite photo, create a design or find an open source graphic to embroider onto fabric. You can turn raster image files ( .jpg, ,png, etc.), vector images ( .svg, .emf) and clipart into embroidery file formats.

Scheduling Time with the Embroidery Machine

STEP 2: Schedule Embroidering Time

Once you have selected or created a graphic to embroider, you will need to schedule a time to use the embroidery machine by visiting The Makerspaces at W&M website and clicking on the Make an Appointment tab. After you submit your project info you will be contacted by an MSE to set up time to use the embroidery machine.  

Format your Image or Graphic

Step 3: Format and Save the File

SewArt, embroidery digitizing software, will be used to turn your graphic or image into a file. SewArt is available for use on the computers in the Swem Makerspace. After booking the embroidery machine, you will need to upload your file, familiarize yourself with the software used to digitize embroidery files, and save your design to a USB drive.


STEP 4: Using the Embroidery Machine

It's time to embroider! 

Now that you have digitized your file to embroider and booked time with the machine, you can begin embroidering. We provide the thread, and backing; you bring the fabric to embroider. We have a variety of different colors of spools of thread.