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International Love Data Week

We're celebrating International Love Data Week (Feb 12-16) with a contest and many events!

Swipe Right on Data: Dating Profiles Contest

  • Research one of the provided databases/data sets (box below).
    • Investigate it.
    • Some questions to ask about it.
      • How long has it been around?
      • Who publishes it?
      • What kinds of information are contained within it?
      • What makes the database unique?
      • How might it be useful for conducting research?
      • For which discipline(s) might it be most useful?
  • Build a "dating" profile for it. 
    • Use the templates provided, build and complete the profile.
    • Cleverness counts! Sell it! You want people to swipe right on this!
  • Share it!
    • Distill your observations into a single dating profile using the provided template
  • Submit it for a chance to win an I Love Data t-shirt.
    • Drop off your dating profile to the Swem Library or McLeod Business Library circulation desk by Sunday, February 4th for a chance to win and have your dating profile featured on the W&M Libraries social media. 


The following datasets are part of this contest. You can submit a dating profile for each one, or for the ones you like the most - the choice is yours!

Dating Profiles Template