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GOVT 402: Politics of the Abolition of Work

Use this guide to learn more about creating literature reviews and locating scholarly research, particularly work focused on political theory, for topics on the politics of abolition of work.

Scholarly Handbooks

The following handbooks contain chapters that explore issues and topics about political, social and cultural theory. These are considered scholarly book chapters written by leading scholars in the field and provide original research and examinations of debates in the field. They can also serve as a foundation for future research. 

Bibliographies & Encyclopedias

The following resources contain information that could be very helpful as you research your topics. Oxford Bibliographies Online are indexes of different subject areas, events and people. Each entry will contain additional information about the topic and then provide a listing of books, journal articles, scholars, etc that are leading voices on that topic. Do not treat these as typical databases, instead think broadly when searching them and use them to track additional literature.