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GOVT 402: Borders, Boundaries, and Democracy

Instruction & Research Librarian

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Mary Oberlies
Swem Library, Rm 129

Where to Start

This guide links to database and website recommendations to which will help you locate scholarship for your literature reviews, including:

  • Find Scholarly Articles: Scholarly articles will make up the backbone of your literature review. This page includes the best databases for political science and related subject areas research. 
  • Find Think Tank & Research Reports: Research produced by think tanks, research institutes and NGOs provides a unique voice in the scholarly conversation and can provide more current information, applications, and studies; however, they can be tricky to find. This page includes the best websites and databases to locate this information. 
  • Finding Theoretical Articles: There's no perfect place to go to locate scholarly articles with a theoretical lens. This page provides recommendations on how you can locate this type of information. 
  • What is a Literature Review?: A short overview of literature reviews - their purpose, what they contain and how they are organized. Need a refresher? Check out this page.
  • Other Sources of Interest: This page contains a short list of other databases and resources you can use to locate additional information on your topic. 
  • Help with Citing: Use Zotero to keep track of the books, articles and other information you gather for your paper. This page provides information on how to download and use Zotero.